AICPA Professional Literature Bundle -- Online Subscription (Academic)

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    Professional Literature Bundle Online - 25 Online Access Product #: WMU-XX-25
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    Non-Member: $240.00
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    Professional Literature Bundle Online - 50 Online Access Product #: WMU-XX-50
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Developed exclusively for higher education academic institutions, this convenient online subscription will give students access to the following titles:

AICPA Professional Standards:

Contains all of the outstanding pronouncements on professional standards issued by the AICPA.

AICPA Technical Questions and Answers:

Contains nonauthoritative guidance based on selected practice matters identified by the staff of the AICPA's Technical Hotline and various other bodies within the AICPA.

PCAOB Standards and Related Rules:

Supplies auditors of public companies with a current and comprehensive source of PCAOB standards, staff guidance, and more.

This unique subscription offers concurrent user access for groups of students. Select the total number of concurrent usage from chart below:

Number of Concurrent Users Total Subscription Fee Per Year Select SKU Below
25 $240.00 WMU-XX-25
50 $450.00 WMU-XX-50
75 $624.00 WMU-XX-75
100 $775.00 WMU-XX-100

Terms of Purchase:

  • Subscription is for one year
  • Subscriptions can be canceled within 30 days of purchase. No refunds, credits or product substitutions will be given after 30 days
  • Only the maximum number of concurrent users can access the subscription at the same time
  • Number of concurrent users can be increased but cannot be decreased during the subscription term
  • The subscription is completely Web-based and is accessible only through www.cpa2biz.com.
  • Purchaser must accept existing license agreement as-is on website
  • Purchaser must be affiliated with an institution of higher learning. If the purchaser cannot show proof, the subscription will be canceled or charged at the standard rates.
  • Purchaser is encouraged to be department chair as the purchaser will become administrator of the subscription.

Upon completion of the subscription purchase, the administrator will receive an email that contains a URL unique to this subscription. All those who will access this subscription must click through this URL in the email (and either register on CPA2Biz.com or log into the website) in order to be authenticated into this subscription.

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