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Securing the Future

Author: Bill Reeb, CPA/CITP, CGMA and Dom Cingoranelli, CPA, CGMA
Publisher: AICPA
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Securing the Future, Volume 1: Building Your Firm’s Succession Plan

Is your firm poised for long-term success and viability? Do you even know what that looks like for your firm?

The reality is that most CPA firms have their work cut out for them if they want exiting partners to retire comfortably and future leaders to flourish. In the new edition of this popular book and its companion workbook, Reeb and Cingoranelli impart the same no-nonsense advice on succession planning and management that they share with their clients, providing you with the benefits of their years of experience, research, and methodologies.

Volume 1 covers fundamental succession and management concepts to ensure that every partner and manager is on the same page and working toward a shared vision. After reading this book you will be able to:

  • Take steps to maximize your firm’s value
  • Shore up your business strategy and operations
  • Remove personal preferences and entitlements from partner discussions
  • Build a strong partner group
  • Ensure your firm survives the departure of key people by creating or improving your succession plan, and more!

Securing the Future, Volume 2: Implementing Your Firm’s Succession Plan

Once your firm’s leadership is on board with the fundamental concepts, Volume 2 provides your implementation team with the tools and resources they need to make it a reality.

This workbook includes the tools, tactics, and strategies you need to draft a customized plan and see it through. Each chapter includes expert-developed exercises, forms, and checklists tailored to each phase of the planning process. Also available as a PDF Toolkit to simplify your planning!

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About the Authors

Bill Reeb

Bill has been consulting for over three decades to all sizes of businesses, from mom and pop operations to Fortune 100 companies. Prior to his life as a CPA, he worked for IBM in sales back in the late ‘70s. As an entrepreneur, Bill has founded seven small businesses, from retail to software development to advisory work.

An award-winning public speaker, Bill lectures throughout the U.S. and Canada to thousands of executives and CPAs each year. As an award-winning author, Bill is internationally published, with numerous magazines, journals, newspapers, and books to his credit. Besides Securing the Future, Bill and his partner Dom Cingoranelli have also authored Becoming a Trusted Business Advisor: How to Add Value, Improve Client Loyalty, and Increase Profits. In addition, Bill has a new book out on managing your life titled The Overachiever’s Guide to Getting Unstuck: Replan, Reprioritize, Reaffirm.

Bill is an active volunteer within his profession, having served in many leadership roles in both the state and national organizations. He is an avid golfer and skier, but spends the majority of his free time learning and teaching martial arts.

Dom Cingoranelli

Dom’s consulting experience over the last three decades includes organizational development work for CPA firms and associations, as well as on construction projects for the Big Three auto makers; for regional, national, and international contractors; and for organizations in a variety of other industries. He has performed strategy consulting and planning; process improvement studies; management consulting, training, and development; team building; coaching; and group process facilitation for a variety of groups.

He co-authored Securing the Future and Becoming a Trusted Business Advisor: How to Add Value, Improve Client Loyalty, and Increase Profits, as well as the AICPA PCPS Succession Resource Center and Trusted Business Advisor Resource Center. Dom has also written numerous articles and CPE offerings on executive recruiting, performance management, leadership, planning, and organizational culture. He speaks frequently on management and consulting topics throughout the country.

When he is not working, you may find Dom doing volunteer work at his church, tying flies, fly fishing, or touring on his Gold Wing.

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Volume 1: Building Your Firm's Succession Plan
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Volume 2: Implementing Your Firm's Succession Plan
Paperback , 2014
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