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General Accounting and Auditing Developments - 2016/17 Audit Risk Alert

Publisher: AICPA
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This useful resource contains a description of all recent auditing, accounting, and regulatory developments and ensures that you have a robust understanding of the business, economic, and regulatory environments in which you and your clients operate.

In addition, this alert ensures you have a full understanding of emerging practice issues, with targeted analysis of new developments and how they may affect your engagements, including:

  • Recent economic trends
  • Recent legislative and PCAOB developments
  • Developments in peer review
  • Recent ethics interpretations

It also contains new accounting and auditing guidance related to derivatives and hedging, service concession agreements, discontinued operations, stock compensation, and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Understanding of the new PCAOB requirements for broker-dealers
  • Discussion of revenue recognition standard
  • Discussion of the leases standard
  • Common peer review findings
  • Discussion of Attestation Clarity Project


  • Revenue recognition
  • Leases
  • Attestation Clarity Project
  • Updates on ethics interpretations

Who Will Benefit:

  • All auditors as new accounting guidance is discussed
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