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Financial Forecasting: Managing Growth

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This course demonstrates what happens to a company that mismanages its growth. It also demonstrates how the basic model can be used to obtain the firm's maximum growth rate as well as discuss some of the techniques that are available to forecast sales. This course also demonstrates how to forecast cash needs for a shorter time period and how to integrate this shorter-term model with the percent of sales forecasting model.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss growth management
  • Analyze situations and determine how growth mismanagement occurs
  • Interpret the concept of sustainable growth
  • Calculate your company's or client's sustainable growth rate
  • Assess how to influence sustainable growth positively
  • Apply compound growth techniques to verify sales growth estimates given to you
  • Demonstrate how regression analysis can be used to assist in developing a sales forecast

Prerequisites: None

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NASBA Field of Study: Finance
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Financial Forecasting: Managing Growth
Financial Forecasting: Managing Growth
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