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Optimizing Company Cash: A Guide for Financial Professionals

Author: Michele Allman-Ward, CTP Cert ICM and Peter Allman-Ward, CPA, FICAEW
Publisher: AICPA
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Optimizing Company Cash provides a comprehensive guide to all elements of cash management in a business including:

  • Inflows
  • Outflows
  • Cash conversion cycles
  • Short-term borrowing and investing
  • International business
  • How to structure a corporate treasury function

In over 200 pages, the Guide explains how CPAs and financial managers can manage their company's short-term resources to sustain ongoing activities, mobilize funds and optimize liquidity. It also provides diagrams of work flows, step-by-step checklists, templates, and treasury tips for CPAs and finance managers who are responsible for making the most of working capital and short-term resources.

"I found the Guide to be very comprehensive in scope, easy to use as a reference. A must have for every Treasury professional's desk top."  — David L. O'Brien, Treasury Operations, EDS

"I believe Optimizing Company Cash does an excellent job of highlighting areas of risk to be cognizant of for all finance professionals, especially the emphasis on real life practices versus theoretical concepts."  — Caye Hursey, AMD

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