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Plug Your Profit Leaks: Exploring Ideas to Significantly Save Time and Money

Author/Moderator: Ron Rael, CPA
Publisher: AICPA
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Be recognized as one who can instantly add value to your organization’s bottom line. This hands-on CPE course gives you proven techniques for plugging the most overlooked profit leaks. Learn specific strategies for lowering costs, improving productivity, and becoming a more efficient organization. Explore different methods to see how easily you can put them to work.

Topics Discussed:

  • Profit leaks and ways to identify them
  • Using the rule of 80/20 to analyze costs
  • Saving money and increasing productivity through rewards and recognition
  • Ways to analyze the bottom-line impact of major decisions
  • Tools to measure the customer-service impact of Cost-Cutting Initiatives
  • Measuring efficiencies or inefficiencies of work processes
  • Process for collecting ideas that increase profits

Learning Objectives:
When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop a clear understanding of the organization’s strategy and how it drives costs.
  • Improve internal processes for maximum effectiveness.
  • Define what is most important and use that to create leadership leverage.
  • Identify and remove costs that do not benefit the customer and create company-wide awareness of the impact of costs.
  • Use specific tools that detect, prevent, and fix profit leaks.

Who Will Benefit?
Any employee whose job is to search for profit leaks or who is involved in improving work processes

Prerequisite: At least three years of experience in financial management

Advanced Preparation: None

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NASBA Field of Study: Management Advisory Services
Level: Intermediate
Recommended CPE Credit: 14
Plug Your Profit Leaks: Exploring Ideas to Significantly Save Time and Money
CPE On-Demand 2015
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