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The Overachiever's Guide to Getting Unstuck: Replan, Reprioritize, Reaffirm

Author: William L. Reeb, CPA/CITP, CGMA
Publisher: AICPA
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Do you feel trapped by your own plans, expectations, and priorities?

As a CPA, successful entrepreneur, consultant, volunteer, husband, father, and martial arts enthusiast, author Bill Reeb knows first-hand how easy it is to let your own goals and ideas keep you from moving forward. He’s spent years analysing the roadblocks he regularly encounters in his own life, in addition to the obstacles that he sees his high-achieving clients struggle with on a daily basis.

Drawing on his experience as a leading business consultant and his years of martial arts training, Reeb developed a logical and dynamic process for getting more out of life and avoiding the pitfalls that are often part and parcel with a high-achievement mind set.

Being “stuck” takes on many forms, from simply failing to change course when you know you should, to circumstances that are complicated by family commitments and financial constraints. Reeb’s process of replanning, reprioritizing, and reaffirming is flexible enough to apply to any barrier, big or small, that you run into.

Rely on the advice and tools in this book to help you:

  • Determine what drives you
  • Recognize the early signs of being “stuck”
  • Learn to work “better” instead of “harder”
  • Balance conflicting priorities
  • Set boundaries
  • Manage your time
  • Align what you think with what you do
  • Move past roadblocks
  • Derive a greater sense of fulfilment from what you take on in life


“Based upon my experiences over the past 40 years in helping myself and others achieve more of what is desired out of life, this book presents a very incisive and compelling approach to self-evaluation and improvement on both a professional and personal level.” — Mark L. Hildebrand, CPA, CGMA, Past CEO of Crowe Horwath LLC and Past Chairman of Crowe Horwath International

“The blending of martial arts, business savvy and human behavior provides a unique and compelling path from Desire to Achievement.  If you want a realistic and yet exciting journey that frees you from your own self-defeating actions and sets you free to get what you want in life, I highly recommend you read this book. Read it twice. It is well worth the effort.” — Karl Krumm, Ph.D., Consulting Psychology

“A must read and reread! An invaluable resource! Truly a roadmap for a happy and successful life’s journey.” — Master Sean Cavins, 7th Dan, Sahn Taekwondo

About the Author

Bill Reeb has been consulting to all sizes of businesses, from Mom and Pop operations to Fortune 100 companies, for three decades. In 1986, he decided to boost his role as a trusted advisor to his clients and became a CPA.  Prior to his life as a CPA, he had the exciting experience of working in sales for IBM in the late 1970’s.  As an entrepreneur, Bill has founded seven small businesses, including two women’s clothing stores, one retail computer software store, a software development firm, a computer consulting firm, a CPA firm, and his current management consulting firm, Succession Instititue, LLC.

As an award-winning public speaker, Bill lectures throughout the U.S. and Canada to thousands of executives and CPAs each year.  In addition, he has been featured on numerous video-taped and live television programs.  As an award-winning author, Bill is internationally published with hundreds of articles and columns to his credit. In addition to this book, Bill’s other books include Securing the Future: Succession Planning Basics, Securing the Future: Taking Succession to the Next Level, and the fourth edition of his consulting book called Becoming A Trusted Advisor: How to Add Value, Improve Client Loyalty, and Increase Profits.

Bill has served in numerous leadership roles in a variety of organizations as a volunteer and has been especially active within the CPA profession, including being a past member of the AICPA Board of Directors.  Bill is also nationally recognized with numerous honors such as one of the top 10 most recommended CPA firm consultants, Top 100 Most Influential CPAs and other awards.

Finally, Bill enjoys a number of hobbies. He is an avid golfer, skier, and occasional hiker. However, he spends the majority of his free time teaching, as well as continually learning, six different styles of martial arts.

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