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The Adviser's Guide to S Corporations: Tax Compliance and Planning Strategies

Author: Gregory B. McKeen, CPA
Publisher: AICPA
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Take advantage of the S Corp rules using the latest business and tax strategies. The numerous examples and practice tips in the Guide will help you to illustrate and explain to your clients the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating and operating as an S Corp.

The Guide covers the complete S Corp life cycle including:

  • Tax Planning
  • Elections, Terminations and Revocations
  • Limited Liability
  • Allocation Methods
  • Passthrough of Losses and Credits
  • How To Determine Whether an S Corporation Is Subject to Tax
  • Built-In Gains Tax
  • Business Credit Recapture
  • Carryover of Losses
  • Reasonable and Excessive Compensation
  • Section 1244 Stock
  • Distributions
  • Subsidiary Corporations
  • And more!

New and updated sections cover:

  • Provisions of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA)
  • Final regulations that simplify how shareholders obtain debt basis, by eliminating the "actual economic outlay" requirement
  • Simplified relief from late filing of S elections
  • Qualified private delivery services covered under the proof of delivery rule.
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