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The CPA Profession: Opportunities, Responsibilities and Services

Author: Stephen R. Moehrle, PhD., CPA, Gary John Previts, PhD., CPA, Jennifer A. Reynolds-Moehrle, PhD., CPA
Publisher: AICPA
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Although the accounting profession operates in an environment of change, it is also a profession that offers a wealth of career opportunities and responsibilities, for both veterans and those new to the profession.

The CPA Profession: Opportunities, Responsibilities, and Services outlines the qualities that a CPA must possess, to competently protect the information right of investors. These qualities include:

  • commitment to serve the public interest
  • competence
  • integrity
  • objectivity

In clearly written, non-technical language, The CPA Profession: Opportunities, Responsibilities, and Services, describes how students and young accountants develop into competent and ethical CPAs, where the CPA profession is heading, and more.

Important and useful Appendices are included to make this book a valuable resource and reference book that every practitioner will want.

Paperback 2006
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