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Becoming a Contract Controller: Tips for a Thriving Career

Author: Ron Rael
Publisher: AICPA
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Opportunities for part-time or contract controllers and financial executives have grown exponentially in recent years. If you’ve ever considered following this fast-growing trend and striking out on your own, then this is the book for you. Author Ron Rael, who has years of experience as a contract controller himself, shows you how to navigate the unique questions, problems, and opportunities of this consulting niche.

After reading this book you will be able to

  • Apply the special skills required of the part-time and contract controller.
  • Understand the role the contract controller plays.
  • Weigh the positives and negatives of being a part-time and contract controller.
  • Know how to be a very effective contract controller.
  • Discuss issues related to the elusive contract executive position.
  • Develop a Position Description for a contract financial executive.
  • Generate ideas on how to market yourself as a part-time or contract controller.
  • Design a tailored action plan for your specific needs.
  • List your own ideas and contributions.
  • Put this information to good use in your own career.
Paperback , 2011
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