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Smart Risk Management: A Guide to Identifying and Calibrating Business Risks

Author: Ron Rael, CPA
Publisher: AICPA
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Management accountants must be able to define the payoffs from their organisation's risk taking, as well as identify, understand, and reduce the negative effects of everyday business risks. This book defines organisational risk taking and outlines a formal process to handle risk effectively.

The book details six steps for sound risk management:

  • Defining risk
  • Examining your attitude toward risk
  • Analysing your organisation's ability to handle risk
  • Minimising a risk's exposure or downside
  • Recovering quickly from a risk's negative impacts
  • Expanding your knowledge so you can accept more risk with confidence

Written for management accountants, Smart Risk Management analyses your position in the middle of the organisation-ensuring both that it does not take risks whose costs it cannot afford and that it takes enough risks to stay competitive in the evolving marketplace.

Having adequate insurance coverage is only one small piece of risk management, as this book explains. With ample examples and case studies, as well as 50 hands-on risk tools, Smart Risk Management will enhance your understanding of strategic, operational, and innovation risk and increase your value to your organisation.

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About the Author

Ron Rael, CPA, is a thought leader for the CPA profession on leadership and CFO/controllership topics. He is the CEO of the High Road Institute, a leadership development organisation. Ron has authored content on topics such as professionalism, customer service, budgeting, accountability, governance, risk management, and strategic planning. He has coached more than 10,000 accounting professionals in organisations and leadership teams throughout the United States and Canada.

Ron's industry experience comes from working in two large corporations, as well as from leading accounting teams in numerous closely held businesses.

Paperback , 2012
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