Jared Wilks

Prevent Data Disasters With Online Backup

Data protection and backup have never been more important than in today’s business environment. Learn how to keep your and your clients’ files safe.

August 6, 2007
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by Jared L. Wilks, CPA, Director of Finance at MozyPro.com

Imagine arriving at a client’s site and the presentation you worked on all night is now corrupted on your computer. Or perhaps you have a meeting in 30 minutes with the engagement partner and all your virtual workpapers have been permanently deleted. As finance professionals, we are expected to never lose client data, and especially not our own. Either situation can be costly to an engagement and a firm in both dollar amounts and negative publicity.

What other electronic files do you store on your computers and how will you retrieve yours when your computer’s hard drive crashes? Because it’s not a matter of if our computers will crash — it’s a matter of when. And when they do, they’re going to take all of our data with them unless we have a way to get it back.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has put in place regulations for public companies to safely store financial data, but whether or not you are mandated by a government agency, data protection is essential to you and your clients’ security.

Hard drive recovery is an expensive venture when computers fail, and often it cannot restore 100 percent of data. So it’s best to have a reliable backup solution in place before disaster strikes. But with so many options out there, you need to know what backup solutions and companies will offer you the highest security and reliability available.

Although they are veterans in the backup world, local disc and tape-based backup solutions have weaknesses in that they require personal time and effort. They’re only as current as you remember to implement and safely store them, and if you’re honest with yourself — that doesn’t happen very often. In addition, if your building burns down, the local backups stored there will also be destroyed.

Consider then Internet-based backup solutions which store your back-ups off-site. This solution ensures your data is stored in a remote location, safe from prying eyes. And, it can be configured to run automatically without your personal attention.

MozyPro is the best solution in the online backup industry. Its professional online back-up product is the leader in simple and safe online data backup for small businesses to large enterprises. MozyPro stores your important computer files in a remote location where you can access them from anywhere with an internet connection. And, your electronic files are safe from flood, fire and theft — something most other backup solutions can’t offer.

Privacy and Security

MozyPro encrypts your data first on your computer using a 448-bit encryption key, and your data remains encrypted as it’s sent directly to MozyPro’s Tier IV (the highest rated) data center through a secure 128-bit SSL tunnel. At the data center, you’ll have 24/7/365 onsite monitoring and the security of MozyPro’s proprietary petabyte storage system, which is orders of magnitude more reliable than traditional RAID systems. Seismic bracing and slider bearings, a fire detection & suppression system, and redundant power distribution will protect your data from Mother Nature when she’s at her worst. And for added security, you can choose your own private encryption key that no one else will have access to (not even MozyPro employees).


MozyPro is easy to use, even with its robust features and security. Configure MozyPro just once by following an intuitive setup wizard that intelligently helps you configure security settings, select files to back up and test the speed of your internet connection. Then, after one full initial backup of all your data, subsequent backups take just minutes as MozyPro utilizes block-level differential backup technology. This means MozyPro detects a new or changed file and only needs to back up those changes instead of the entire file.


You control how and when MozyPro backs up files: at a scheduled time each day or whenever the computer is left idle to help you maximize your workday. You can even throttle MozyPro’s usage of your computer and internet connection so backups run quietly in the background as you work. Even open programs (such as Microsoft Outlook) are backed up by MozyPro so you need not conform to the dictates of your backup software. Previous versions of files created and modified from the past 30 days are kept on file so you have the option to roll-back, just in case you save a mistake you did not intend to.


MozyPro offers comprehensive administration and monitoring of all your computers’ backups. Automatically back up all data on every laptop, desktop and server your business uses. MozyPro supports mapped drives, SQL, Exchange and file servers, and all versions of Windows Server. And through the intuitive MozyPro Administrative Console, you can monitor the status of backups, add sub-administrators, view backup history and stats, distribute license keys, and customize individual or group configuration settings.


MozyPro is priced as low as 90 percent less than current competitors and is eight times more reliable than the traditional RAID method they rely on. Some backup strategies require thousands of dollars in upfront investment, plus the price of additional hardware over time. As a MozyPro customer, you pay no upfront investment. You only pay for each machine’s license ($3.95 per month) plus $0.50 per GB each month. MozyPro can also be a source of revenue for your firm through the MozyPro reseller program.

Data protection has never been so easy and comprehensive. Whether you work from home, in a small office, or in a large firm, you should use online data backup to protect your client’s and your firm’s electronic files. MozyPro is a fantastic option for its security, ease of use, and administrative functions.

For more information, visit Mozy.com or call (801) 756-2331.

Mr. Wilks was a member of the founding team at Mozy.  His career has spanned public accounting, healthcare, education, and high tech ventures.