Make Direct Marketing Pay Off

Practical tips show you how to maximize your return on marketing investment.

December 2007
by Larry Bildstein/Journal of Accountancy

A successful direct-marketing campaign requires close adherence to five essential components: planning, data gathering, mailing, telephone follow-up and tracking. Effective follow-through on all of these steps can lead to a significant return on your investment.

Start With a Plan

Lyne Noella, director of corporate strategy at Stonefield Josephson Inc., a San Francisco-based firm with 162 employees (54 CPAs) and six locations, was instrumental in launching her firm’s “We Pay Attention” campaign. The goal was to increase the firm’s visibility and image to public companies and, ultimately, win more public company business. The integrated campaign included advertising, public relations and speaking engagements as well as monthly direct mail with both in-house and outsourced telephone follow-up. In-house employees responded to public companies that were known to be looking for a new auditor; outsourced professionals followed up with desirable prospects from the mailing database to set up appointments.

“Don’t confuse action with productivity,” says Noella. “Don’t do direct marketing just for the sake of doing it. Have a strategy and a plan. Conduct research, understand your firm’s talents, and respect your audience.”

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