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Hidden Job Market Secrets

Why you should network. Expert reveals all.

September 6, 2007
by Debra Feldman

The concept of a geometric progression is fascinating because it appeals to one’s sense of an ever-evolving world, conjuring images of a pebble hitting a pond and with resultant waves spreading out in concentric circles from the point of impact.

What does throwing rocks into water have to do with finding a job? It's simple. Just as the water keeps rippling and spreading out, your networking connections will expand these size of your influential contacts and help you access leads to increasingly more opportunities. If you tell everyone that you are in the job market, that still won’t broadcast far enough. You have to stretch beyond that first level of contacts and those in your immediate circle of friends, neighbors, acquaintances, service providers and colleagues, to spread your proposition to new levels.

Progressing Your Job Search

For your job search to progress, you have to get in touch with people that you don’t already know. Your goal should be to meet to talk about new career opportunities with individuals outside of your existing network. How? By seeking new contacts, making connections and sharing information and ideas. The best job search technique is to Network Purposefully™, making contacts with the intent of meeting highly qualified individuals and developing genuine relationships — while giving them something in return. Your goal is to be occupational proactive. Put yourself on the radar of targeted contacts so that when an appropriate situation arises at their organization, decision makers think of you as a likely solution.

You get more bang from your networking buck by choosing the most productive contacts. Identify and meet with especially well-connected individuals who have the means to facilitate critical introductions, referrals and connections. Network purposefully by choosing the “right” individuals and explain your interests compellingly enough for them to want to assist you.

It's important to build your networking foundation with strategically selected contacts before you launch your campaign to find a new opportunity. Decide in advance where you might need connections and purposefully begin the chain of introductions to get to know people at companies that might offer future employment opportunities. For each person you meet initially, shoot for referrals to at least two more individuals.

Steps to Improve Job Search Results

Purposeful networking principles can improve your job search results. First, recognize that the people you tell you are looking for a job are as important as what you tell them. Effective networking has two main components: Clearly communicating your message to a hiring manager and communicating with those who will supply additional connections. Focus your efforts on those who will produce additional referrals and introductions to broaden your network. Remember to establish a framework for collecting leads and be willing to return the favor by sharing good leads or other information when it comes along.

If you strategically, purposefully and proactively focus your networking efforts on individuals who can offer you a job, then your job search is bound to progress toward a successful landing. Avoid wasting time haphazardly meeting, schmoozing and passing the time with people who can’t further extend your network. Superior networkers spend their time on networking activities where key contacts can be developed.

Focusing your networking efforts to specific geographic locations or by industry specialization can further improve your chances for establishing multiple and intersecting connections. A critical mass of individuals who know you and want to help will yield faster, better campaign results.

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