Debra Feldman

Ten Tips to Ease You Up the Road to Success

Hidden job market secrets.

August 2, 2007
by Debra Feldman

Finding a job is no easy business in today’s marketplace, let alone finding one quickly that is also a great match for your skills and career path. You might think looking up job boards on the Internet will do the trick. Not so, according to human resources professionals in the accounting and finance industries as revealed by a recent New York Times survey.

10 Tips to Ease You Up the Road to Success

By now, you know the drill. Don’t burn bridges, reach out to people and communicate, communicate, communicate. Where do you begin? Here’s your list on a silver platter:

  1. Leverage your network. Distant business contacts often help by making introductions or passing along contact information. More jobs result from such connections than from direct contacts, thanks to the exponential impact of referrals.
  2. Encourage referrals. Don't put the other person on the spot by asking for a job. Encourage more recommendations to additional resources. Donít restrict the conversation only to officially listed positions or job openings. Lead the dialogue towards thoughts, ideas, guidance and industry buzz, and let them volunteer assistance.
  3. Network Purposefully. Itís okay to ask your networking contact if they are able to connect you with a specific person. In fact, it may be an easier request to fill than if they have to research the correct contact.
  4. Donít count on recruiters to find your new job for you. Unless you happen to fit their very narrow job specs, you are not what they need to complete their assignment or what their client (an employer) is paying them to deliver.
  5. Target companies and then contact senior executives directly or via introductions. Direct contact and cold calling are very effective methods for getting initial attention that can then be developed into a relationship by building common experience, increasing shared interests and developing mutual trust.
  6. Have your resume attract the attention of the employer market you want to reach. Donít take yourself out of the running by offering a less than perfect document. Zero resume and cover letter errors are tolerated AND your positioning as the first choice candidate, go-to expert for solutions has to be undeniably clear.
  7. Donít depend on online job postings. If you insist on applying online to postings, keep your efforts minimalwhile stressing personal connections. The latter has a far greater yield for generating new opportunities.
  8. Zero in on hiring managers. If there is an Internet posting that is a fit, identify the hiring manager and contact that individual directly. Donít depend on HR or a recruiter to triage you onto the short list.
  9. Remember your manners. Say "thank you," and be courteous, polite, patient and cooperative.
  10. Give back to others. Once you land, give back to others, grow your newer connections and resolve to strengthen your online identity to promote yourself as a passive candidate.

Using these tips will help you clear that path to job success. Let prospective employers discover you in an online search rather than seeking your next challenge. Aim to be ďGoogled!Ē

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