Ease the Burden of Busy Season

Practical tips from firms that have learned how to make their annual ‘trial by fire’ less stressful and more productive.

December 2007
by Gerri Chanel/Journal of Accountancy

Smart firms recognize that staff members work more effectively and efficiently — and with less turnover — when their contributions are recognized and the work environment is pleasant. “I’m always upbeat and walk in every day with a smile,” said Ralph Ricciardelli, the partner in charge of tax at Burzenski & Co. in East Haven, Conn. “Tax season can actually be enjoyable. If you have planned well and have people and systems in place, it is very gratifying to see it all work. And that spirit comes across to people.”

Feed the Troops

Blum Shapiro, based in West Hartford and Southport, Conn., provides free dinner four nights a week for staff members working late. Staff members pay for lunch, though it can be ordered from local restaurants and delivered to their desks. A refrigerator is also stocked with healthy snacks such as fruit and yogurt. Alpern Rosenthal in Pittsburgh provides dinner several times each week, plus breakfast every Saturday.

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