Encourage Your Clients to Skip Payday Hassles With Payroll Cards

A safe and easy solution for businesses to pay their employees through payroll debit cards.

May 5, 2008
Sponsored by Paychex

According to the American Payroll Association, there are 10 million "un-banked" households in the United States. As a result, a concept that is becoming increasingly popular among businesses is paying employees through the use of payroll cards. A less expensive alternative to paper checks, payroll cards provide employees with a convenient way to make purchases and get cash without the need for a checking or savings account. Employees also appreciate the safety and convenience of payroll cards. Additional employee benefits include:

  • Avoiding long lines and check-cashing hassles on payday.
  • Saving money by using ATM withdrawals instead of more costly check-cashing services.
  • Enjoying more choices in how to complete financial transactions by using the payroll card directly to make purchases or pay bills.
  • Gaining peace of mind by not having to carry large amounts of cash around after cashing a paycheck.

Gain Freedom by Simplifying Payroll

Through a referral program at Paychex, employers can choose to offer payroll debit cards to their employees by referring them to the Chase Pay Card Plus. This solution provides a safe and easy way for businesses to pay their employees.

The Chase Pay Card Plus enables participants to enjoy the freedom of using a debit card to complete purchases at more than 30 million stores globally or withdraw cash from any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) displaying the PLUS®, Allpoint® and/or Visa logos. Although this card displays the Visa logo, it is not a credit card; it is a stored-value card that is funded through regular payroll deposits. Users can spend up to their available balance on the card. As no credit is being extended, no credit check is needed.

With the Chase Pay Card Plus, cardholders can review their account activity online as well as print their monthly statements. Both the online account summary and statement show deposits, withdrawals, purchases and fees for the requested timeframe. These are great tools for tracking expenses and managing budgets.

Your clients can realize the following benefits by referring the Chase Pay Card Plus payment option to their employees:

  • Increased productivity - employees do not have to stand in bank lines on payday.
  • Gain freedom from making special arrangements to deliver paper checks to vacationing or traveling employees.
  • Eliminate the aggravation and cost associated with lost, stolen or forged checks.
  • Simplify reconciliation of payroll account(s).
  • Provide an enhancement to employee benefit packages by offering a variety of methods for employees to receive their pay.

CPAs are relied upon by clients to suggest ways to help streamline their businesses. Offering the Chase Pay Card Plus is all about streamlining and ease. As a purely electronic method for transferring wages, it also reduces human error — greatly reducing the chance of bookkeeping errors, and saving time spent posting entries to the general ledger. Your clients will benefit by faster bank account reconciliation and freedom from check signing, making the payroll process even more efficient and accurate. For more information on the Chase Pay Card Plus, visit www.paychex.com.

Paychex is proud to be the preferred provider of payroll and retirement plan services for CPAs through the AICPA Business Solutions Program.