Chris Jarski

Seven Steps to Accounting Practice Marketing Success

Create significant and sustainable growth for your practice using these simple principles.

December 1, 2008
Sponsored by Duct Tape Marketing for Accountants

by Chris Jarski, CPA/MBA

Marketing is not complex. It shouldn’t be difficult to apply. And it doesn’t have to be costly to implement. How do we know this? We’ve developed seven marketing steps that have been implemented by thousands of businesses over the last 20 years successfully so there’s been a fair amount of opportunity to get the system right.

You can learn these seven steps right now and how they can impact your practice by grabbing your copy of our report and walking-through some practical accounting and tax marketing advice that works.

The report is available for immediate download and offered to you as an AICPA member at no-cost: accounting marketing report link.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn in the 7 Steps to Accounting Practice Marketing Success report.

Step 1 — Narrowing Your Focus:
Changing the Way You See Your Ideal Client

Step 2 — Rising Above the Typical CPA Practice:
Developing and Communicating Your Unique Service

Step 3 — Change Their Perception of You:
Becoming a Provider of Much More Than Accounting

Step 4 — Building Relationships:
Educate With Your Marketing Communications

Step 5 — Three Ways to Attracting Better Clients:
Establish Your Lead Generation Trio

Step 6 — Leveraging Technology:
Automation for Profit Optimization and Stress Elimination

Step 7 — Staying on the Road to Freedom
Your Guiding Force … A Simple Marketing Calendar

Following these simple steps using a structured marketing system ensures that you learn how to do marketing the right way so that you can avoid wasting time and money on marketing tactics that are ineffective or just plain lousy.

If you’re like most CPAs, though, myself included, growth isn’t enough. What you really want is to:

  • Deal only with the best clients
  • Charge premium fees they’ll pay
  • And get more time off

So improving your practice is more involved than just getting more work.

Think about just these two principles:

  1. Getting more clients that are difficult to work with does nothing, but create more stress.

    So what should you do?

    Create marketing activities that attract your definition of an ideal client.
  2. Working through a $300 tax return engagement that cost you $427 to prepare hurts how much your firm can grow, as you well know. But, accountants do this all the time by being so willing to accept low realization rates and issuing significant write-downs.

    So what should you do?

    “Package” your services to get paid what you’re worth. Mercedes and Chevrolet sedans provide the same functional utility of taking people from point A to point B right? But, one is marketed and packaged quite differently and this difference commands a huge price premium. Packaging can be done with accounting and tax industry as well.

My Recommendation

There are a number of other must-have approaches to accounting practice marketing that need to be a part of your business plan for this upcoming year.

Take a few minutes and grab your copy of our accounting marketing report — it’s available for immediate download at no-cost. The report covers what you need to know about accounting and tax marketing using some very simple, but hugely effective principles.

We just released this report and the initial comments we’ve gotten from CPAs who’ve read it have given us an overwhelming feeling that our message is resonating in a big way.

Learn tax marketing that gives you the practical know-how to do just three things:

  1. Improve the growth of your practice;
  2. Put more money in your back pocket; and
  3. Operate your practice with your lifestyle top of mind.

Here’s the report link: 7 Steps to Accounting Practice Marketing Success.

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