Make the Most of Mentoring

Hands-on coaching can maximize the potential of your firm's young talent.

August 2008
by Rita Keller/Journal of Accountancy

Young accountants learn quickly and thoroughly through on-the-job training, according to Brady Ware, an Ohio/Indiana regional CPA firm. In public accounting, on-the-job training means being taught and guided, or mentored and coached, by an experienced CPA while actually performing the work. Brady Ware studies show that mentoring and coaching activities foster strong relationships between experienced and younger accounting professionals, which can significantly improve staff retention. In light of the growing shortage of qualified people, this can mean survival for your firm.

Yet many CPAs who are in a position to mentor and coach others still struggle with what this process entails. Read on to see what it means to be a true mentor and coach, and how you can combine mentoring and coaching with a hands-on learning approach to meet the learning needs of new hires.

This article has been excerpted from the Journal of Accountancy. Read the full article here.

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