New Conversion Tool From Peachtree by Sage

Switch your clients from QuickBooks® easily.

April 3, 2008
Sponsored by Peachtree by Sage

Sage Software has built a new QuickBooks® conversion tool, aimed at simplifying the process for your clients who are ready to make a switch to Peachtree to utilize its extensive functionality and ease of use.

"There are millions of small businesses who benefit from basic bookkeeping systems, but many are ready for the benefits of a complete accounting system which is not only exceptionally easy to use but also gives them outstanding business management and security," said Connie Certusi, general manager, accounting solutions, Sage Software. "Peachtree provides the accuracy, control and results that many small businesses need, along with the simplicity that is a fundamental requirement of accounting software for these types of businesses. With our new conversion tool, small businesses using QuickBooks can easily make the transition to Peachtree."

The new conversion tool features a simple wizard, which walks the individual through each step of the process with detailed help, and pre- and post-conversion checklists. Your clients using QuickBooks 2006 or 2007 can easily convert and transfer their lists, balances, transactions and other data right into Peachtree. For an overview of what is included in the conversion, visit www.peachtree.com/qb. A long time favorite of accountants, Peachtree is designed for small businesses that take their accounting seriously and view it as a tool to make better decisions. Peachtree is a comprehensive solution based on double-entry accounting principles, featuring screen-level security, audit trails and automatic accounting checks, so small businesses get the accuracy and control they need to improve their results.

"I need a comprehensive accounting tool to run my business efficiently," said Kurt Plank, owner, North Station Millwork, Ltd. "Peachtree is not only user-friendly and flexible, but it also has the capabilities and accuracy I need — which is why I switched. Now I always know what is going on behind the scenes, which helps me to make better decisions about my business."

You will also see the benefits of the new conversion tool, as it will make it easier to convert your clients ready for a change. "Peachtree is as easy as any other accounting software and can be counted on for accuracy," said Marian Poe, accountant. "I’ve spent a lot of time fixing problems that arise with other accounting software. Because of that, Peachtree is the only accounting software that I recommend to small businesses, and I am excited about the availability of the new conversion tool, which will make it that much easier for me to get my clients on the right path." To learn more and see if Peachtree is right for your clients, please visit www.switchtopeachtree.com.

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