CPAs on the Go Embrace Mobile Technology

CPAs who find themselves on the go are turning to some of the latest phones and mobile applications to do much more than just stay connected to their clients.

December 2009
by Alexandra DeFelice/Journal of Accountancy

A CPA Trendlines survey by Bay Street Group LLC conducted for the AICPA during the summer and still open to respondents, posed the open-ended question, “What’s your favorite tech gizmo, gadget, toy or tool at the moment? And why?”

Running down the list, the glaring trend was in mobile devices and other tools for working remotely. Some items listed: various BlackBerry devices including the Bold, Storm and World Edition; iPhone, iPod touch, Kindle (electronic books); netbooks; and other PDAs and smartphones, in general.

Respondents who listed these tools acknowledged that they use them not only for e-mail access and other work-related tasks but also for the occasional crossword puzzle or sports update. However, most highlighted the ability to connect with clients and colleagues, as well as to schedule appointments on the road. They also have begun using certain applications on these devices for a variety of work-related tasks, such as time tracking and invoicing while working with clients outside the office.

The bottom line is that mobile technology is saving CPAs time. And time is money.

“The smartphone/PDA continues to revolutionize business. As companies continue to find new and productive uses of their phones, you have to ensure your company is able to connect anytime from anywhere,” said Bob Davis, IT manager for Ohio-based accountants and business consultants Rea & Associates, which allows all partners and principals to have their own phone connected to the corporate e-mail service. “Right now, primary use of the smartphone is just e-mail, but we’re seeing more and more apps being built that will allow us to do even more.”
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