Time and Labor Management

Want to help your clients save time, money and effort? You can start by taking a look at their time and attendance reporting. Learn more.

January 26, 2009
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Time is money and your business clients are focused on saving both. One way that CPAs have a unique opportunity to assess how clients are doing on these two fronts is by taking a look at their time and attendance reporting.

Many businesses have automated work processes throughout their companies, but they often lag behind when it comes to electronic tracking of employee time. As a result, inefficiencies and inaccuracies flourish, some employees might take advantage of loopholes, and true labor costs are never really pinpointed.

Tracking time and attendance can take its toll on management as well. Supervisory efforts required to manually calculate and audit time sheet data is time taken from more strategic commitments. The labor-intensive process of manual calculations steals more than valuable time from your client's — they lose money too. However, studies have shown that the initial investment of an automated time solution will more than pay for itself in labor costs saved in a short time.


The CPA can provide a wealth of savings opportunities by suggesting Paychex' time and labor solutions. Your next client conversation will then focus on:

  • enhancing productivity
  • controlling costs
  • improving processes
  • determining future labor needs
  • planning for growth

Employing user-friendly software and electronic time clocks, Paychex helps clients minimize time spent compiling paper time sheets, enabling reduced costs, time saved and better control over payroll. After all, isnít this exactly the sort of assistance that clients count on CPAs to provide?

To learn more about Paychex time and labor solutions, visit www.paychex.com.

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