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June 15, 2009
Sponsored by Paychex

Economic Stimulus Plan

Accountant Knowledge Center (AKC)

  • State Compliance Alerts

    • Sign-up to receive a weekly e-mail containing state-specific payroll and human resource tax law changes.
  • Financial Calculators

    • Access 150 financial tools designed to assist with net pay and refinancing calculations, retirement planning, debt consolidation and more. 

Tax Facts

  • Provides immediate access to the current year’s federal and state-specific payroll and retirement rate information.

  • Visit http://accounting.paychex.com/taxfacts and customize your own Tax Facts chart with information specific to the states of interest to you.

Online Reports

  • View your clients’ per-pay-period reports, federal and state returns and year-end documents.

  • Check your clients’ 2009 Forms 941 filed by Paychex, which will now include the total amount of Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) assistance payments made and the number of eligible participants as a result of the Economic Stimulus Plan.

General Ledger Reporting Service

  • Download your clients’ payroll data directly into popular accounting software packages.

  • Paychex GL Support Team provides guided GL mapping and quick setup.

Paychex Online Resources will help you save time and help your clients save money! To learn more visit www.paychex.com.

Paychex is proud to be the named provider for the firm-based AICPA Member Retirement Program, and preferred provider of payroll and retirement plan services for CPAs through the AICPA Business Solutions Program.