Ten Ways Remote Support Can Help You Get Ahead

A down economy is no time to stick your head in the sand. Instead, it is a time to strategically cut costs and find innovative ways to grow your business.

June 15, 2009
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Here are 10 ways remote support can help you get ahead:

  1. Reduce time and money spent traveling to and from client offices.
  2. Solve problems faster by instantly connecting with customers to resolve their technical accounting issues.
  3. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, which leads to increased renewal rates, increased referrals and, ultimately, increased revenue.
  4. Improve productivity by easily reviewing data, making adjustments or doing maintenance without emailing files or traveling.
  5. Increase service capability without adding staff. (This is especially profitable if you charge for service, but still a cost-saver if you don't.)
  6. Save time by running tasks in parallel. (Service multiple clients at once).
  7. Train clients how to use their software faster and more effectively using screen-sharing technology and tools.
  8. Expand your support capability to more distant geographical areas.
  9. Avoid disruptions during business hours by working while clients are away from their computers.
  10. Win more new clients by using remote support as a value in your sales and marketing plans.

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