Right Track Your CPA Career

Applying these principles to your daily life can help you reach your true potential.

February 2009
by Joey Havens and Michael Hayes/Journal of Accountancy

Careers aimed toward excellence start with the recognition that every CPA is truly running his or her own personal firm. Whether they are in public accounting, government or private industry, everyone must make investments into their company to be successful. These investments provide extraordinary returns for the individual CPA as well as his or her employer or partnership.

A competitive runner who wants to compete successfully in a cross-country race enhances his or her performance by understanding how the course is laid out. A career as a CPA is similar in that excellence starts by understanding what creates value for your firm or company. Combining this knowledge with a commitment to make it happen will provide any CPA with a great jump out of the blocks. This article identifies several important principles that, when integrated into your daily routine, can yield immediate results and put you on the right track toward realizing your potential as a CPA and leader in the profession.

Four Strategic Areas

Four performance areas create value, particularly for CPAs in public practice: client service, team development, marketing and innovation. A career that reaches its full potential requires proficiency in all four and outstanding performance in at least one area.

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