Nothing Is As Certain As Data Growth and Computer Disasters

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May 26, 2009
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Our lives and business are run by computers, servers and the digital data that we create and store on them. In fact, the proverbial “nothing is as certain as death and taxes” might well be replaced by “nothing is as certain as data growth and computer disasters.”

IDC, a global provider of market research, estimates the size of the digital universe was 281 billion gigabytes in 2007 and could reach 10 times that by 2011. Businesses will manage 85 percent of this data and be responsible for its security, reliability, privacy and compliance. On the other hand, it is not a matter of if something will happen to your computer, but a matter of when. Whether it is a hard drive crash, theft, accidental deletion or virus, at some point you will lose critical business data. In fact, over 140,000 hard drives crash each week in the U.S. alone.

As an accounting professional, protecting your firm’s data is essential to you and your client’s security. Having a solid backup and recovery strategy is a key component in making sure this data is secure.

Local disc and tape-based backup solutions have weaknesses in that they require personal time and effort, as well as expensive hardware to purchase and install. They’re only as current as you remember to back up and safely store them and if you’re honest with yourself, that doesn’t happen very often. External hard drives and USB drives offer easy solutions to backing up but can be unpredictably lost, stolen or destroyed by a disaster. The only way to really protect your data is with an off-site storage solution that offers security and reliability in case data loss occurs.

The world of online backup has seen exponential growth recently. The growth of cloud computing services, like online backup, is over five times the growth rate of traditional onsite IT solutions. This growth rate is due to the ease and speed with which users can adopt these offerings, as well as the economic benefits, which have a greater resonance in the current economic environment.

But not all online backup solutions are the same. With over 40,000 business users, Mozy is the trusted leader in online backup for businesses. Mozy specializes in large-scale storage solutions, utilizing only the best technology and security standards. There is no hardware to purchase, no set-up fees and very little management required, making Mozy affordable for any size firm or practice.

Through Mozy’s powerful online console, administrators can manage multi-user environments, pre-configure account settings and schedule automatic backups. The set-it-and-forget-it program runs automatically in the background letting you work on more important business activities. Stop worrying about backing up your data and start focusing on what’s most important … your business.

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