Human Capital Center Toolbox

Key strategies on how to create win-win agreements, compensation contracts and an effective compensation plan revealed.

July 23, 2009
by PCPS Human Capital Center

The Human Capital Center Toolbox Series — which is available to non-PCPS members — are a series of booklets that describe each of the 11 sections of the Human Capital Center. Every booklet explains the section's concepts at a high level and includes references to the customizable tools that you will find in the Human Capital Center. These booklets basically give all users a preview into the Human Capital Center sections.

The Reward & Compensation & Incentives section of the PCPS Human Capital Center is now live! The 11th section completes the original content of the Human Capital Center.

August Aquila of AQUILA Advisors and Coral Rice created Reward & Compensation & Incentives. In this section, they reveal how to develop a pay-for-performance system that will promote desired team-member results that support the firm’s strategic plan.

The Human Capital Center provides PCPS member firms with the guidance and tools necessary to shape a new or enhance an existing compensation plan. Starting with a 10-step Action Plan, the section shows you how to design a firm-wide compensation philosophy based on your firm’s mission, values and strategic plan.

Having completed this section, the Desired Outcomes of New Comp System Template will help you evaluate the changes or benefits that your firm will realize after implementation. This section provides you with the tools your firm needs to align “Win-Win Agreements,” or individual compensation contracts, with your company’s established competencies and goals.

One of the great features in this section is the Sample FAQs. Another great feature is the Sample PFP Calendar of Events tool that can help you in the implementation of a new firm compensation plan.

Finally, the authors provide best practices for the nonfinancial rewards and recognition component of any genuine compensation model.

Don’t wait to check out the latest edition to the invaluable PCPS Human Capital Center. You can learn more by reading the Reward & Compensation & Incentives Toolbox Series booklet.

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