Networking is not just about finding a new career opportunity that isn't advertised. It is more than the hidden job market. As an active, engaged professional, smart CPAs can accelerate job hunting by bringing new challenges to their attention before an employer officially acknowledges or thinks about reorganization. Network Purposefully™ is all about having and cultivating and maintaining key relationships.

Sometimes until a new resource is identified, no thought is given to a restructuring. It all comes down to being at the right place at the right time. Thus, the more financial executives and CPAs connect with influential decision-makers, the greater the probability of new career opportunities. What could be better than being the only candidate under consideration for an ideal position?

Relationships are key to successful networking. The trust and confidence that colleagues share play a major role in networking. Credibility is critical to a successful outcome for both the candidate and the employer. If a good relationship exists before the interest to collaborate, then the recruiting process is shorter, straighter and easier.

Ten Strategies to Attain #1 Commandment

In today's economy, recruiting and hiring is often lengthy so making long-term investments in good professional relationships pay off with a quicker hiring process for candidates already familiar with an organization and known to key players with hiring authority. Moreover, the competition for openings is so fierce, that savvy networking may be the only way to win an advantage over the large number of equally qualified candidates. To assure that you are a premier choice, meet and keep in touch with key contacts. Build your network purposefully to support your career objectives. Get connected to colleagues and hiring managers at your target employers and make certain that you stay on their radar screens so you are one of the first to know about potential opportunities in their organization.

  1. The old school of long-term employment, from graduation till retirement is a model that is out-of-date. Keep networking, because you are going to need these contacts to help you learn of new opportunities.
  2. Technology is changing at warp speed. To keep up with innovations and stay on the cutting edge, keep learning. Networking is an exchange of ideas and a learning experience.
  3. The world runs on relationships. The more extensive and better quality your connections, the greater your advantage when it comes to finding out inside information, getting an early lead and being a part of the inner circle of knowledge.
  4. In the final analysis, it is whom you know not just what you know that equals success. Stay in touch, be friendly, cooperate and don't burn any bridges.
  5. While a large active network is advantageous, practicalities dictate how much time and effort can be devoted to being a good networker. Be selective and cultivate relationships. Emphasize quality over quantity.
  6. Establish networking as a priority. It is not just socializing. Information that is exchanged is of value to both sides in the transaction.
  7. Be on the lookout for ways to stay in touch by finding relevant data to exchange, even an appropriate article, cartoon or person. Suggest that your network contact pass this along to their own network giving you exposure to their contacts whom you don't know. If you enjoy blogging, here's a natural fit!
  8. Networking with others in your industry probably is the best use of your job search time. Be clear on your objective. This makes it simpler for someone to know how to help you.
  9. Want to make a change in your career? The best way for that to happen swiftly is through a personal referral. Let your network spread the word and keep networking to expand your exposure to new opportunities in the unadvertised or hidden job market.
  10. If you recently completed a job search, stay in touch regularly with those you met. If you can't manage this, at least keep up with anyone with whom you felt a special affinity or sensed that you shared something in common.


Before you launch your next job-search campaign, make sure you add some velocity into your job search by using the above 10 easy strategies. To be successful, remember the number one commandment of job hunting: Thou Shalt Network!

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