The Transformational CFO

How to identify gaps between where Finance is today, and where finance executives need to be and learn how to bridge those gaps and enable your company’s transformation to leadership.

September 3, 2009
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In the face of today’s economic crisis, CFOs are increasingly being asked to step into leadership roles.

The leaders of finance are more and more becoming leaders of their companies. By no means are CFOs, controllers or VPs of Finance taking over corporate leadership en masse. But they are increasingly being charged with being a part of that leadership, strategically and tactically. Internally, Finance as a department or group, is responsible for the most critical aspects of any firm. Externally, Finance is the face of the firm to regulators, lenders, partners and — in many cases — the public-at-large. In severe economic situations, Finance has the responsibility for establishing, managing, or restoring public trust in a firm.

All of this must be accomplished in a business environment that responds in hours and sometimes minutes to market changes, rumors, political influences, consumer preferences and more. This requires access to, and the ability to use, accurate and up-to-date business information. But too often, it must be done with increasingly out-dated systems that limit the abilities of Finance to accomplish its goals — and to help lead the firm.

Click Here to read the full report from strategic analysts, Saugatuck Technology, that looks at the promises and realities of what is typically called the “strategic transformation” of Finance from back-office tradition to company leadership. Saugatuck Technology uses the latest research to identify the gaps between where Finance is today, and where Finance executives say they need to be and looks at a key means of bridging those gaps and enabling Finance’s transformation to leadership.

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Topics covered include:

  • The promise of the “strategic transformation” of finance from back-office tradition to company leadership — and how this squares with reality;
  • The gaps between where the finance role is today, and where finance executives say it needs to be; and
  • How integrated finance and business management applications, delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS), can bridge those gaps

Learn what finance professionals see as the biggest gaps keeping them from making a strategic impact on their company’s direction — and how they’re bridging those gaps.

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