Rick Telberg
Rick Telberg

CPAs Set New Goals for 2009

What are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions? E-mail us and we’ll share the best.

January 8, 2009
by Rick Telberg/For the Finance Executive

The New Year always feels like the right time to reflect and then identify a few key strategies to break some bad habits, set new goals and improve skills — both professionally and personally.

We’ve been asking around and we have a few that may be particularly applicable to readers of the AICPA Corporate Finance Insider.

The question remains open: What are your New Year’s Resolutions? While you consider your answers, check out these from professional colleagues around the world and let us know what you think.

 I have plenty of items to pick from, but I think my commitment will be:

Professionally — explore new avenues of delivering value to our clients using technology in a new way. Web delivery, video conferencing and online communities to name a few will be areas that I will be concentrating on in 2009.

Personally — increase my focus on the relationships in my life: My husband, kids, peers and even the new relationships that I will be finding along the way. This will be a year of growing my intellectual capital by strengthening my people connections.

Happy 2009!

Sandra Wiley
Boomer Consulting Inc

Two items immediately spring to mind — one personal and one professional.

On the personal side, it is to become more patient with home and family matters, while not losing the sense of urgency at work.

On the business side, it is to successfully use a cohesive framework for my group of companies to create a single brand that transcends the whole group of very different business activities we are undertaking so I can grow my non-CPA lines of business.

Joe Eckelkamp
President and Owner
Eckelkamp & Associates, CPAs

  1. Stay engaged at work to make the most of every opportunity available at my current company.
  2. Become completely IFRS fluent (I use the word fluent because learning the IFRS standards is like learning a new language).
  3. Educate others on the benefits of XBRL — a great tool for 21st century financial information delivery and use.
  4. Keep networking — my network may be the source of my next opportunity.
  5. Do a better job of controlling family spending. With older teens and a college student to fund, financial resources will be precious until we get them through college.
  6. Serve my clients exceptionally well, thereby retaining clients and building positive word of mouth advertising.
  7. Actively participate in professional organizations. Stay current on accounting, consulting and related topics as the world is ever changing.
  8. Continue blogging on professional topics and get published on a current professional topic.
  9. Mentor less-experienced fellow employees on how to be great at their jobs.
  10. Keep work-life balance …life is short so make the most of it.

Jeff Henson
Manager of Finance Operations
Jefferson Wells

Stay on course. Invest in education and my own professional network!

Steven Burda, MBA
Financial Analysis & Cost Management

My resolution for 2009 is to develop a new product offering alongside my existing Sage MAS 90 and 200 consulting services. I think the writing is on the wall (and probably has been for some time) that off-the-shelf boxed accounting software (and the extensive consulting that goes along with it) is someday going to be extinct.

The question is really how soon before customers go direct to the software vendor for support, remote training and remote consulting.

I'm hard at work thinking about what the best complimentary service is that I could offer to my existing installed base of clients without having to completely move to another line of business.

So far I'm finding a lot of other consultants who ask me the same question. Unfortunately I've yet to find that perfect service that fits right along with our consulting business model. Perhaps 2009 will be the year that I discover it.

Wayne Schulz
Schulz Consulting
Glastonbury CT

Well, we CPAs often hear about an elusive term, "work-life balance." Perhaps in 2009, I will try and achieve it! Or maybe I will set a longer-term goal and try and achieve it positively by 2010 or perhaps …

The current environment makes it all the more essential for tax executives to give top priority to tax risk management. I am aiming at sensitizing our clients in India to tax risk management issues, in particular — optimization of the global effective tax rate. Multinational companies will operate in a challenging environment as tax authorities the world over try and extract their pound of flesh to meet budgetary constraints. Tax litigation is bound to be on the rise. This would necessitate a re-look at tax risk management issues, for instance: the entire gamut of supply-chain management and create efficiencies in the tax structure. In developing economies such as India, tax executives need to be more aware of such planning possibilities backed with substance and the need for optimization of a global effective tax rate.

On the personal front, hopefully, this year will help me strike a work-life balance. I would like to spend more time volunteering towards social causes, reading and writing and yes, answering questions on LinkedIn.

Lubna Kably
Associate Director
Ernst & Young

Is it about career? Management? The economy? Developing a new skill? Spending more time with the family?

We’ll read them all and share the best. E-mail us.

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