Businesses Need Insurance — Help to Navigate the Choices

Ensure your clients are "insured". How to help your clients understand which insurance plans will meet their professional and personal needs.

June 14, 2010
by Heidi Parton, and Compliance and Marketing Divisions, Paychex, Inc.

Business owners can purchase business insurance for nearly every operation and risk they face. In fact, with so many options available, it is hard to determine what type of coverage they need. Fortunately, Paychex Insurance Agency understands the needs of small business owners and can help them protect their business, their employees and themselves.

Paychex Insurance Agency — Helping to Navigate the Choices

Servicing more than 80,000 clients nationwide, Paychex Insurance Agency licensed representatives can help your clients understand which insurance plans will meet their professional and personal needs. The Paychex Insurance Agency is licensed to sell a wide range of insurance services such as:

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance and Payment Services.
  • Business Protection Insurances.
  • Group and Individual Health, Life and Disability Insurance.

Paychex Insurance Agency — Unique Advantages

  • One stop solution for business insurance needs.
  • The Paychex Insurance Agency, Inc. partners with more than 150 national and regional insurance carriers across the country.
  • Individualized and personalized service for small businesses, including education on coverage options and carrier requirements.
  • The payroll service can work in conjunction with certain insurance carriers by facilitating payroll deductions and transmitting data to streamline the management of insurance.

Paychex Insurance Agency Tools!

Visit the NEW Paychex Insurance Resource Center at www.paychexinsurance.com for:

  • Types of insurance Paychex Insurance Agency offers.
  • Group and individual health benefit options.
  • Workers’ compensation cash flow management.
  • Access to free educational web seminars.

Help ensure your clients are “insured” — partner with Paychex Insurance Agency!

Paychex is proud to be the exclusive provider of retirement services for the firm-based AICPA Member Retirement Program, and preferred provider of payroll and retirement plan services for CPAs through the AICPA Business Solutions Partner Program.

The Paychex Insurance Agency Workers Compensation Payment Service is available in all states except Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, Ohio, Washington and Wyoming. Paychex Insurance Agency, Inc. (formerly Paychex Agency, Inc.), 150 Sawgrass Dr., Rochester, NY 14620. CA license #OC28207.

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