Debra Feldman

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Job Hunt?

Every candidate is not a job search expert. Certain omissions and actions may be sabotaging your job searching progress. Address these problems and find a new job faster.

March 18, 2010
by Debra Feldman

In this tight job market, candidates need all the help, strength and fortitude they can muster to conquer numerous barriers to employment and to eliminate multiple obstacles that thwart their career progress. Job search success depends on the correct strategy effectively executed, directed at the right time to the appropriate decision-makers, delivering a clear, compelling message unquestionably detailing a remarkable contribution that will make money, save costs or improve process and patiently, persistently repeated to produce results.

Like you, most executives have not, thankfully, had to master job searching because you were recruited or promoted into roles over the course of your career. You may never before have had to proactively seek out your next position. The job market is highly competitive today; the sheer magnitude of under and unemployed professionals is a threat itself plus the number of top spots has shrunk overall. Whereas headhunters used to be major gatekeepers of senior positions, today, they have less power and employers have taken over more of their own candidate sourcing. Go directly to the corporate hiring authority, not HR.

If you can’t seem to get enough traction, it may not be your résumé that’s holding you back, but your job search strategy which is off target. Are you pursuing employers that are able to appreciate you? Are you in touch on a regular basis with potential hiring managers in your area in each of your target companies? Indeed, networking is undeniably the most successful and the preferred job-search method. It always works. But, you must be connected to the right individuals, hiring authorities and those who are linchpins aware of potential leads in your field and will refer you to decision-makers. You must endure and be patient. Keep expanding your contacts everyday so you get more referrals and penetrate more companies.

Campaigns often span many long months. Surprises and setbacks are all too common. Keep digging and be aware of subtle obstacles that may be torpedoing your progress. Things like not showing enough relevant accomplishments tailored to each opportunity to promote unique credibility or branding yourself as a steady incrementally successful manager when a employer has in mind a maverick as their panacea. Figure out how to pick and choose from among your long work history just what the employer needs to know in order to be intrigued by your interest. Be very selective. Strive to sharpen your focus and drive to make an outstanding first impression. Sounds like a lot more work than just floating your résumé out there? It sure is! Networking Purposefully is 100 percent guaranteed effective.


The job market is in constant flux. If you can’t develop momentum, it may be the time to seek an expert’s advice. Confirm that your go-to market strategy, positioning and presentation of your niche expertise are all aligned correctly and compellingly presented to prospective employers. Identify every possible employer that may be interested in you. Make inside contacts at each company on your list. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. If you can’t do this without help, ask colleagues to recommend a career-industry professional to assist you and get the ball rolling faster.

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