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Start Your Job Search the Right Way for an Efficient and Effective Result

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April 22, 2010
by Debra Feldman

Recommendations for improving job-searching effectiveness often center on ways to improve the format or style or content of a résumé in order to better attract employers. A runner-up for the most touted job search advice includes pointers about how to get that well-crafted résumé into the hands of a hiring decision-maker. The most recommended methods include mass distribution, online submission, traditional applications, networking, responding to classified ads, going to job fairs, and more. There is a growing interest in using social media to access new career opportunities. This approach may fall under the broader scope of networking to unearth jobs that may not be advertised to the general public. Networking purposefully is one of the most effective job search methods and can spark the unexpected creation of a new position just to accommodate an individual into the company structure. These circumstances are ideal for the candidate who is not a perfect round or square and it also represents a less competitive situation when one person is the only candidate under consideration. In today’s job market, this is definitely a big advantage because there are so many qualified candidates to the relatively fewer openings.

My 10-year track record as an executive talent agent designing and implementing turbo-charged strategic job-search campaigns with a success rate in excess of 95 percent is proof that something other than the résumé itself and résumé distribution is determining job search progress and outcome for my clients. I never use a résumé to promote interest but rely on a telephone pitch or e-mailed letter of introduction that explicitly demonstrates what is in it in establishing this new relationship for the employer. Résumés are associated with job hunting. Most employers are far more receptive to “just having a conversation” and “sharing ideas and common concerns” than they are to reviewing a formal document or thinking of how to help a stranger find a new job. My experience shows that résumés are best left behind after a meeting to encourage further discussions or as a way for one contact to share information about a prospect with their own connections.

So if it is not their résumé, what enables certain individuals to penetrate this very competitive job market when others are stumped? The differentiator that propels individuals into a new and better opportunity faster is having and executing the correct go-to-market job search strategy. It’s the plan that guides the search project specifying the product (what the candidate offers that the employer needs, focusing the introduction on these particular elements not extraneous facts that distract from the candidate’s immediate value and future potential ), the market (which employers will appreciate the knowledge, skills, experience, personality, background, talent etc that characterize an individual prospect, identifying the appropriate individual contact within the employer organization) and how to connect them (introducing the two parties to each other, getting the candidate and decision-maker to agree that they want to collaborate and working out the terms of engagement.) It’s accepted that a good plan predicates success and sometimes it is quoted that the right plan is 80 percent of success. Getting all ducks in order can shorten a job search by starting out with the right focus, concentrating resources where they can generate the most benefits and anticipating and then removing obstacles that might impede progress or crush momentum.

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