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June 3, 2010
by Barry MacQuarrie, CPA

In my April and May articles, I discussed how CPAs and CPA firms can use LinkedIn to build a community of customers, employees, vendors, referral sources and fans. Now, it’s time to look at Facebook.

Facebook offers two options to an organization that is looking to build a community. First, they allow companies to create a Facebook Page. In addition, a company can set up a group within Facebook. This article will outline the features of Facebook Pages.

What Is a FaceBook Page?

The Facebook help center describes a Facebook Page as “Pages are for organizations, businesses, celebrities and bands to broadcast great information in an official, public manner to people who choose to connect with them.”

Facebook Pages are similar to personal profiles and have the following features:

  • Wall posts
  • Mobile updates
  • News Feed stories
  • Events
  • Photos
  • Discussion Boards
  • Videos
  • Links

A Facebook Page is maintained by an administrator who has the ability to control the settings and applications for the Page. One example of the administrator’s control involves the Page’s Wall. The administrator can determine who can write on the Page’s Wall. An organization that is using a Facebook Page to broadcast their corporate message may restrict the ability of their fans to post on their Wall. However, another company may encourage fan interaction by allowing fans to post to their Wall.

The Administrator can also control the applications that appear on their Page and who has access to the applications. For example, the administrator can determine if the Links application will appear on their Page and if fans are allowed to posts Links. Again, this allows the company to control if the Page is being used to broadcast a message to their fans or to allow fans to interact with their Page.

The administrator can also set the default tab that is used when a person clicks on a Facebook Page, i.e. the landing page. This important feature can be used to direct all visitors to an advertisement about your product or company.

I recently saw a company that used the “What’s New” tab as their default tab. The “What’s New” tab shows information about the company’s new summer products and included a link to follow them on Twitter. Now, how smart is that! Not only is the company engaging their fans using a Facebook Page, they are making it simple for their Facebook fans to connect to them on Twitter. The company has multiple ways to reach every fan and it’s all free!

This company has figured how to build a community using Facebook Pages. At the time I wrote this article, they had over 233,000 fans! 

Getting Started With Facebook Pages

It is easy to add a Facebook Page for your company. If you have a Facebook profile, you can navigate to http://www.facebook.com/pages to get started. From here you can:

  • View your pages
  • See the pages that you administer
  • View a list of popular pages
  • Browse pages
  • Add a page
  • Browse by type

To add a new page, simply click the Create Page button. You can use this to create an “Official Page” for a business, brand, product organization, artist, band or public figure. In addition, you can create a “Community Page” that allows you to “generate support for your favorite cause or topic”. If you are building an Official Page, you will be asked to confirm that you are an “official representative of this person, business, brand or product” and that you “have permission to create this Page.”

Once the page is created, you can use the Info tab to add content that includes a link to your Website, a Company Overview, a Mission and a list of products. You can use the Page’s wall to post updates information for your customers and updates about your company.

People will find your Page by using the search tool or by seeing information about it on a friend’s personal page. Once they have found your Page, they can click the LIKE button to connect to your Page. Their name will appear in the “People Like This” section of your Page and they will receive updates from you.

Once you have built a Facebook Page for your business, remember that it is very important to update it frequently. You must keep your community of fans engaged by providing with meaningful and timely information.

I hope this article provides you with ideas about how you can use a Facebook Page to connect with your fans, showcase your company and promote your brand.


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Barry MacQuarrie, CPA, is the director of technology at KAF Financial Group. MacQuarrie has extensive experience working with CPA firm technologies. He also has expertise in workflow, process improvement, disaster recovery planning, security and paperless office technologies.