Outlook Isnít Just for E-mail Any More

Credenza runs inside Microsoft® Outlook® and turns it into a practice management system for accountants.

May 13, 2010
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Just using Outlook® to manage your e-mail correspondence? With Credenza you can use Outlook to manage your whole practice.

Outlook is widely used by professionals. Many accountants rely on it. While it is a great tool for managing e-mails and decent with contacts and appointments, it clearly wasn’t designed with the accounting professional in mind.

Most accountants organize their work in files, with a separate file for each client or job. So for example, accountants want to see what client file their appointments and tasks relate to. And they want to be able to go to one place to see all of the events and facts relating to each file. Unfortunately Outlook isn’t build to handle this, nor is it built to easily track your time.

Enter Credenza: an elegant add-in for Microsoft Outlook that adds the dimensions accounting professionals need to be more productive. With Credenza you can organize all of your Outlook information around your client files. Now in your Outlook calendar you can see which client file each of your appointments is on. The same goes for contacts, e-mails, tasks and notes. What’s more, if you bill for your time, Credenza allows you to create time entries for all of your activities with just a click. And you can go to one place to see all your Outlook information collected together by client file.


To see how much of an organizational improvement this can be, let’s look at how you might deal with a call from a client now, compared to after having installed Credenza.

Let’s say a client calls up and needs to know the status of their recent audit and last year’s tax return.

Currently with Outlook:

Since you haven’t dealt with either job recently it may take you a few minutes to get yourself back up to speed.

To refresh your memory, you quickly look to your inbox for recent correspondence from your client. Maybe you moved all the messages for that client to a folder, so you check there.

Still nothing new, so you look through your calendar. It sure is hard to tell from there what file each appointment is related to.

Now you scan your task list because you remember completing a task recently on the file. Where in that large list was it?

Next you put your client on hold and call your colleague to see if she has done anything recently on either front. She repeats this process with her own Outlook and lets you know of a couple of things that have been happening.

It took several minutes, but you’ve been able to piece together the details. You’ve looked at the e-mails, picked through the calendar until you could find the appointments and found that task in your ever expanding task list. You had to put the client on hold, but at last you are prepared to talk to them. Did you catch everything? You hope so.

Outlook With Credenza

Since you haven’t been dealing with it recently, it may take you a moment to get yourself back up to speed. With Credenza, rather than having to hunt for details, just open the client file in Outlook.

Here you’ll see a list of all of the contacts and the role that each plays. You can see all incoming and outgoing e-mail correspondence, notes of phone calls, past and future appointments and tasks, plus notes, documents and additional information you saved in custom fields. You can also review all of the time spent on the file with running totals at the bottom.

Better yet, why not look at the Chronology to view a summary of everything that is associated with your client?

What’s more, because Credenza allows you to collaborate in a workgroup, you not only see what you’ve been doing on the file, but you can also see anything that your partner or assistant has been working on related to the client. So you can see that e-mail your partner sent last month without having to bug her for the details.

Unlike your previous experience, it didn’t take you any time to get up to date on the file and without missing a beat you can fill your client in on the details.

You are now more organized, you can provide better service to your clients and at the end of the day you can get more done.

While this is a simple example, if you multiply the productivity improvements across all of your daily activities, you’ll find that Credenza can be a big help.
Why Credenza?

What makes Credenza stand out is that it doesn’t. By that I mean that it works so tightly inside Outlook that it looks like it should have been there all along. It is easy to install, easy to use and does what you want.

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Great Value

Credenza is incredible value. Download a fully functional free trial to decide for yourself if it works for you. If you like it, pay as you go – it costs just $9.95 per month! You’ll make that back many times over each month through improved organization, not to mention capturing the billable time for your e-mails and more.

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Credenza adds to Outlook the tools that accounting professionals need to manage their practices more effectively. Credenza is simple. It works just like Outlook, as part of Outlook. You and your staff will be able to take advantage of it instantly.

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