Debra Feldman

Never Job Search Again

Seven tips show you how.

January 20, 2011
by Debra Feldman

Nowadays web search results cast first impressions, while an official résumé may be the lastqualification analyzed. To shape your image, you must post data and publish ideas online to demonstrate your talents and develop trust. You could lose out in today’s job market if you do not actively construct your online persona, your “webinality” (web + personality). Online, up-to-date compelling content makes you available, accessible and credible. If you are not findable via an Internet search, employers might question your potential value to them.

To establish and maintain your reputation, you need an online persona that demonstrates your unique expertise and potential contribution. Social media operates on the show-me-don’t-tell-me principle. Your webinality has to reveal a reliable, accomplished, go-to expert with extraordinary capabilities and respected endorsements. Your webinality is replacing résumé submissions as the standard initial contact and interest generator.

  • You cannot control what searching “your name” produces; create positive social media content communicating your unique value.
  • Differentiate yourself: promote core competencies and key skills.
  • Increase visibility and attract contacts by addressing your target employers’ needs.
  • Describe how you get results, make money, save costs and improve process.
  • Suggest resources and exchange ideas to strengthen relationships.

Today, Your Work IS Your Résumé!

You do not have to rely on a snapshot document to highlight your potential. Attract employers: develop a comprehensive, dynamic social media portrait of your achievements and thought processes. Post success stories, tweet news and participate in virtual conversations that generate continuous evidence, alleviate doubts and describe the challenge, action and result of remarkable milestones. Share recommendations testifying of your abilities and character. Attract connections with a vivid, continuous description of your achievements. In the 21st century, every job is temporary. You are always a prospective candidate. Your next job will find you via your network. Your contacts are like “career insurance” producing referrals and new leads.

7 Recommended Steps to Network Purposefully Online

  1. Define career goals, go-to-market strategy and correct positioning.
  2. Establish Reputation 3.0 baseline by auditing and evaluating your current online status.
  3. Create searchable, targeted social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more).
  4. Expand and strengthen relationships by promoting yourself and your connections.
  5. Implement a webinality strategy by joining LinkedIn groups, building Twitter lists, liking Facebook pages, identifying blogs to read, and publishing original content.
  6. Establish professional website as social media anchor.
  7. Conduct routine social networking tune-ups.


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