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April 14, 2011
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You’re Known by the (Software) Company You Keep

As a tax professional, you probably feel like a juggler trying to keep on top of all the correct number of balls. Finding the right balance can be a daunting task. It’s not enough to be able to complete and file accurate tax returns, you must also juggle an array of related tasks.

In today’s business environment, software often provides the best solutions to most business problems. You need a complete suite of integrated software products that can consolidate and solve myriad tax, data and technology issues — software that comes with a team of professionals who can offer training, research, support and advice that software alone cannot offer. To meet all the challenges a tax professional faces, what is needed is the right tax software company.

A Strong Structure Begins With a Solid Foundation

First and foremost, of course, a tax software company must provide tax software. A tax professional’s business is built upon his or her ability to file tax returns. To do this, a tax office needs reliable, accurate, software that allows the office staff to complete and file accurate returns. A good software company begins with this cornerstone and adds everything a tax-preparer needs to it to transform his or her office from a simple return-preparation business to a full-service tax and financial-planning service.


  • Never enough of it
  • Success comes from how effectively you use it
  • Profit comes from how much you can charge for it

Percent Change in E-filing Receipts

Peering Into the Future
Today’s tax professional must do more than prepare returns; he or she must also be ready to analyze the customer’s current and future tax liabilities and to offer advice for the client’s future financial success. To continue to grow, tax offices need a tax software company that can make available financial-planning personnel and advice to help transform an ordinary tax prep office into a progressive tax, accounting and financial services office.

Supporting Cast
Telephone support should be available year around (all day long during tax season), and online support should be available 24 hours a day. This support must go beyond the use of the tax software; a tax company should support all its products and services.

Software, staff training, research, marketing and advertising, and financial planning advice can cost a tax office thousands of dollars each year. There are some tax-software companies, however, that offer a suite of products and services that are also complete, cost-effective, and responsive to changing times.

Which One Is the Right One?

In choosing a tax software company, the four most critical factors to consider may be:

  • Adaptability: Are the software and the company compatible with every size of office?
  • Use: Can the tax professional and staff quickly and easily learn to use all the programs?
  • People: Will the support team be there when needed, with the answers that are needed?
  • Price: Is the company and its software cost-effective?

Drake Software Balances Goods, Services and Price

  • Constant and thorough research ensures that the tax software complies with all federal and state laws.
  • Client information protected by encryption and password-protection at every step in the tax-return process.
  • Pro formas and organizers make it easier to gather necessary information, and a letters program can generate and send appointment and results letters.
  • An award-winning document management program automatically stores the taxpayer’s return information and files it with other documents scanned or imported into a client’s file.
  • Everything included for one low price: federal and state programs for individual and business returns, e-filing program, and all peripheral programs.

Drake Does It All

Other integral parts of the Drake suite of software products include:

  • Client Write-Up, a payroll package with basic bookkeeping functions and accounts payable that exports information directly into Drake’s tax software.
  • An appointment scheduler to plan the daily schedule for all preparers in an office.
  • A tax planner that builds a projection of future years of tax liability.
  • Multi-Office Manager database that allows tax professionals to keep up with the workflow of any number of offices.
  • A website-building program voted the best for accounting firms.
  • Detailed financial planning available through the Drake Advisory Group.

Training and Support

With Drake Software, training, help and Drake’s award-winning support is always available:

  • Support calls answered in less than 10 seconds (average response time) by customer representatives, not by an automated answering system.
  • E-mail and fax support always available.
  • Online forums offer advice, discussion, and networking with other professionals.
  • Training includes:

    • Annual Update Schools
    • Live Training (also available in Spanish)
    • Online resources webinars, tax courses, and software training.
    • CPE credits available.

Keeping It All in the Air While Keeping It All Together

Juggling all the tasks required of a tax professional isn’t easy. The right tax software and the right tax software company can consolidate many tasks, cutting down on the number of balls in the air and giving the tax professional two things everyone wants: more productive, profitable time in the office and more free time out of the office.

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