Alan Haft

Higher Yield in Low Yield Times

Should you or your clients invest in bonds, CEFs, structured notes or other funds this year? A cheat sheet spells out the details.

January 23, 2012
by Alan Haft

With interest rates still quite low and the Federal Reserve making it clear it has no plans to raise rates for at least another year or two; I am often asked by investors where to find higher interest or income from investments.

Without a doubt, over the last year or so, this subject has by far been the most common one I encounter and the trend through 2012 and into 2013 will most likely continue.

Given the widespread interest in the topic, what follows is a quick cheat sheet of some potential options. Consider this a starting point, keeping in mind the enormous number of factors to address before making investment decisions  for yourself or your clients.

That said, I do hope this cheat sheet can serve as a quick reference guide as to:

  • Several choices we have for income generating investments,
  • Some quick pros and cons of each choice,
  • The range of interest that can generally be expected from each, and
  • Places to get information/research.

While some of the items on this list will be quite familiar and won’t need much of an explanation, others might be a little more unfamiliar. Indeed, this is just a limited selection. We were unable to include every type of investment.

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