Vikram Rajan

The world of marketing collateral

How you can make them work for you and grow your business.

July 23, 2012
by Vikram Rajan

Many firms spend countless hours and ridiculous budgets designing brochures, media kits, and websites. Marketing materials should be created only with clear channels in mind. In other words, marketing channels + marketing collateral = marketing campaigns. 

  • Web-exclusive: Your website should prominently invite visitors to fill out a form (and reward them for doing so). Without a form, there is no way to know who has come to your website.
  • Audio/visual: Logos and headshots are visual, so are slideshows and videos. A narrated slideshow can quickly become a YouTube video. Straight audio can be streamed or made available as podcasts on your website.
  • Text/printed: This would include brochures, fliers, folders, newsletters, articles, studies, scripts, and letters. The more interactive, such as worksheets and checklists, the better.
  • Events/experiential: Events are excellent opportunities for your clients, prospects, and colleagues to experience your expertise and personality. Games, exercises, and workshops make your expertise more engaging.
  • Reminders: Promotional gifts are often used at shows. Pens are perennial favorites. I personally prefer magnets and Post-it Notes.
  • Signage: There are big signs on buildings, medium-size ones on tradeshow booths, and tiny signs called name badges.

Collateral development, much like re-branding, makes you feel as though you’re marketing your practice. In truth, you’re not: Creating marketing materials is preparing you to market. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, waiting for the perfect collateral is.

Start with what you have: You. You ought to be the best support for your marketing channels. Your image, your voice, and your body language broadcast your confidence (or lack thereof). They should match your expertise, experience, and level of client service excellence. Your personal brand is the most powerful marketing collateral for your practice.

As you improve your people skills, your presentation delivery, and your style, your marketing results will naturally improve. Honing your style isn’t disingenuous; it’s getting a better-tailored suit both literally and figuratively. Your other marketing materials, thus, should follow suit. Your personality, including your sense of humor and special interests (hobbies, charities), should be infused in all marketing collateral, including your website. After all, a video of you on your website can tie it all together!

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Vikram Rajan is the author of the PracticeMarketingBLOG.com and 365 Marketing Thumb-rules. He is a co-founder of phoneBlogger.net, a word-of-mouth marketing service for CPAs and attorneys.