New Webcast Series a First for Oil and Gas Industry Professionals
Bi-monthly events keep CPAs and others current on financial, legislative and geopolitical issues all year.

March 1, 2012
Sponsored by Bisk Education

For the first time in the history of the oil and gas industry, a year-round series of webcasts promises to empower accountants and other industry professionals with the highly focused news and expert analysis once limited to annual conferences. Conveniently scheduled every other month, the unique webcasts are the result of a new partnership between Bisk CPEasy, provider of America’s best-selling accounting CPE programs, and the Professional Development Institute (PDI), a worldwide leader in oil and gas financial education.

Available now via annual subscription, the series includes six two-hour webcasts featuring industry experts discussing the latest trends in energy ownership, tax issues and other key areas. Participants will gain insight into recent tax, accounting, international and legal issues, as well as hands-on technical training and industry best practices. CPAs will also receive two live CPE credits per webcast.

Insight From the Energy Industry’s Brightest Minds

The expert presenters aren’t just familiar with the issues facing the industry; they literally wrote the book. Dennis Jennings, PDI’s Director of Energy Programs and Conferences, is a principal author of three editions of the world’s best-known textbook on petroleum accounting, Petroleum Accounting: Principles, Procedures, & Issues. Other presenters available directly to you during the webcast’s Q&A sessions include internationally recognized energy and finance experts Jim Hoffman, Don Looney, Bill Miranda, Dick Moore and Alan Bell.

“As fluctuating oil prices, off-shore exploration and other energy-related issues impact the way business is conducted, it’s essential to have a keen understanding of the domestic and international topics and trends facing the oil and gas industry today,” said Steve Galloway, Bisk CPEasy’s Vice President of Editorial. “We’ve designed this program as a complement to PDI’s live training events to help CPAs and finance professionals strategically guide their clients through these challenging times.”

Hot Industry Topics, Convenient Online Delivery

With an online event scheduled every other month, the new webcast series is a timely way for oil and gas professionals to stay abreast of environmental changes, legislative action and other developments that occur throughout the year. The webcasts allow participants to interact with presenters, ask questions and take part in group discussions on topics such as:

  • An Overview of the Upstream Petroleum Industry
  • Unique Accounting in the Petroleum Industry — Successful Efforts vs. Full Cost
  • What’s in a Royalty Check?
  • Tax Considerations in Structuring Oil and Gas Investments
  • Land Issues Associated with Horizontal Drilling and Fracking

“Attendees will come away with solid ideas and focused solutions that can help solve their needs, plus enhance their operational effectiveness,” Galloway noted.

For more information about The Petroleum Accounting and Financial Network: A Webcast Series, visit http://www.cpeasy.com/oil-gas-accounting.aspx. Or call Bisk CPEasy toll free at 8669326343.

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A not-for-profit corporation at the University of North Texas, PDI is a worldwide leader in oil and gas financial education, providing a vital link between academia and the global workforce. The company serves as an important source of programming, education and business intelligence not only for the local business community, but also the world at large.