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November 1, 2012
Corporate Finance Insider
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Finance Focus
Establishing a robust accruals process
By Ryan Bis, CPA
The need to accurately capture expenses from external service providers has grown for organizations that outsourced noncore functions. Use some of these best practices to accurately capture expenses from external service providers.
Easing the rush-payment headache
By Mary S. Schaeffer
One of the fallouts from a poor economy has been an increase in payment stretching—by those with cash flow problems, as well as by those who simply decided they could get away with it. Here are three steps organizations should take to ensure proper control.
Fiscal worries could persist—regardless of who wins presidential election
By Ken Tysiac/CGMA Magazine
U.S. finance executives who are worried about the fiscal cliff and long-term federal government deficits are not optimistic that Tuesday's presidential election will improve business conditions.
Financial Reporting Fraud: A Practical Guide to Detection and Internal Control—2nd edition
The CPA's Handbook of Fraud and Commercial Crime Prevention
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Sponsored Editorial
Lessons from the NFL lockout—Don't get flagged for excessive Excel®-ebration
Sponsored by CCH
Learn how your tax team can score a winning touchdown by automating your tax provision processes from tax expert Chris Tump, CPA, MST.
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COSO shows how to put risk assessment into practice
The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission released a thought paper designed to help organizations find the optimal risk-taking zone.
PCC chair favors holistic approach over differential standards for public, private companies
The chair of the new Private Company Council said he favors embracing differential accounting standards for private companies only after first exploring with FASB whether changes can be made to the standards to accommodate all companies.
M&A tax efficiencies increasingly scrutinized by authorities
Companies are seeking even greater tax efficiencies in mergers and acquisitions. Meanwhile, those companies are feeling the scrutiny of national tax regulators as complexity of legislation increases.
U.S. starting salaries in accounting and finance appear headed for an increase
Starting salaries in accounting and finance are projected to rise in 2013 compared with the previous year. See how much of an increase is likely and which job titles are generating the most demand.
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CPA News to Know
1 Seven ways to make a strong first impression in job interviews
1 Digital age to require greater supply chain agility
1 Fewer workplace absences, more sick workers, more trouble for employers
1 New tool aids in evaluation of external auditors
1 Melancon: U.S. leadership position among accounting bodies at stake if progress toward IFRS stalls
1 Framework for SMEs emphasizes relevance, historical costs
1 Investors aware of issues before goodwill impairment announcements, study shows
1 IFRS Foundation report says SEC's concerns can be overcome
1 FATCA prop. regs. amended to extend various deadlines
1 Whistleblower's claim is not entitled to Tax Court review
Media Roundup
Could you answer this interview question?
Susan Adams of Forbes writes about a question that one interviewer uses to separate the top talent from the rest of the pack.
15 ways to identify a bad leader
Attention, those in charge: These points can be helpful because they can remind you how not to go about being a leader.
10 reasons not to job-hop
Some say sticking with one company for, say, 10 years could be seen as lazy. But one executive makes the case for establishing longevity.
Face time? Productivity is what matters
Meetings are overrated, so is punching the clock. That's the take from a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School.

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