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February 28, 2008 — In This Newsletter:

Presidential Tax Platforms
by Blake Christian, CPA/MBT
Looking through a murky crystal ball.

Attracting and Retaining Top Tax and Accounting Professionals
by Mike Guelker
Seven building blocks for building a stable, productive workforce.

Partnership Interests by Estates and Trusts
by Tom Bottiglieri/The Tax Adviser
Special issues related to distributions revealed.

Taxpayers - 11, IRS - 0
by Mary Bernard, CPA/MST
When taxpayers win in court, it’s usually based on the interpretation of facts. When they win based on an interpretation of law, it makes headlines. Taxpayer court case successes revealed.

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Sound Off: Evaluating Tax Department Activity — Where Do
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Results: Retail Roundup — Recount Your Tax Woes
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Obstacles to Taxing Services — Are They Insurmountable?
by Annette Nellen, CPA/Esq.
Attempts to apply sales tax to services continued to fail in 2007. What’s the problem with taxing services?

Switch Jobs During Tax Season?
Sponsored by
With empty seats to fill, public accounting firms may overlook a candidate's willingness to jump during the busy season. But that doesn't mean doing so is a good idea.

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Write a Product Review and Share Your Opinions
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Section 199: Benefiting From the Production Activities Deduction —
New Edition

Understand what activities qualify, the rules related to tax ownership and how to perform allocations of income and expense to best advise your employer or clients taking advantage of Section 199 — and earn CPE credit.

FIN 48 — Uncertainty in Income Taxes: A Must Know for Tax CPAs and Accountants/Auditors!
Find implementation guidance for complying with major new tax documentation and disclosure requirements — and earn CPE credit.

Real World Business Ethics for CPAs in Business & Industry: How Will
You React?

Case studies drawn from "real-life" situations help you take a proactive, risk-avoidance stance by pointing out common pitfalls and presenting alternative courses of action. Earn up to 4 CPE credits.

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Accountant’s Business Manual
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Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions
Sales and Use Tax: Guide to Doing
It Right
  ERP/Tax Experts
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Meeting the Needs of the Marketplace (PDF)
A Vertex Income Tax white paper.

One-Search Access to CCH, BNA, Tax Analysts, LexisNexis
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LexisNexis Tax Center. Free evaluation.

A New Job Now? Yes!
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Vertex Consulting Services
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