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September 27, 2012
Corporate Taxation Insider
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IRS issues practical guidance for accountable plans
By Blake E. Christian, CPA
When do employee reimbursement plans pass muster?
Investors' dilemma on purchasing distressed obligations
By Stephen Ng, CPA/The Tax Adviser
As many banks are looking to unload so-called bad loans from their balance sheets, buyers of these discounted debt instruments need to understand the tax treatment of these purchased loans.
Hectic sales tax holiday season varies state-to-state
Sponsored by Vertex Inc.
While the late summer/early fall bring a bevy of sales tax holidays, the specifics vary greatly from state-to-state. Read about some noteworthy examples of these differences.
Shifting receivables between S corps. increases basis
By Charles J. Reichert, CPA/Journal of Accountancy
Taxpayers could increase the basis of their stock in an S corporation by contributing accounts receivable to it after they had received those receivables in a distribution from a related S corporation.
Court rules in favor of City of Boulder
Sponsored by Vertex Inc.
In reversing the trial court, the Colorado Court of Appeals found that the taxpayer's acquisition of downloaded computer software and access to online data services were taxable under the city's municipal code.
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Is there a ticking bomb in your tax provision process?
Sponsored by CCH
Discover how to avoid disastrous and costly errors in your tax provisions while streamlining workflow from tax expert Chris Tump, CPA.
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IRS proposes changes to Circular 230 rules governing written tax advice
Acknowledging the difficulties practitioners are having with the current rules, the IRS proposed eliminating the Circular 230 rules on "covered opinions."
Accounting method changes to be allowed in corporate reorganizations
The IRS announced a policy change following final regs. issued last year that simplify the accounting method rules in corporate reorganizations.
Employee health insurance safe harbors expanded
Optional safe harbors for large employers complying with upcoming requirement to provide health insurance coverage to their full-time employees.
Corporate equity reduction transaction guidance issued
Prop. regs. cover NOLs attributable to corporate equity reduction transactions, which generally limit the ability of corporations to deduct interest when financing leveraged buyouts.
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CPA News to Know
1 U.S. attorneys are authorized to fight stolen identity refund fraud
1 Changes to ITIN application process are burdensome, says AICPA
1 AICPA urges Congress to quickly fix tax cliff
1 What can CPAs do about identity theft?
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