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July 22, 2010 — In This Newsletter:

Retirement Plan Strategies After the Financial Crisis
by Karen Goodfriend, CPA, PFS
What now?

     Jagen Investments Complimentary Webinar:
Nationally renowned Attorney Roy Adams introduces the Jagen™ Strategy.
August 4 at 1pm EST.
Click here to register:

Long-Term-Care Insurance: Costs & Benefits
by Igor Zey, MSFS, ChFC
What is covered, what is not. Everything you always wanted to know about LTC, but were afraid to ask.


What’s New With the Personal Financial Specialist
(PFS) Credential?

by Lisa Featherngill, CPA, PFS
How you can obtain the PFS credential.

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     AICPA Trusted Business Advisor Workshop: 
Delivering on your Trusted Business Advisor Status.
August 3, 2010 in Dallas, TX.
Why do some clients switch firms?
What are they looking for from a CPA?
Register here and view video highlights from our last workshop:

Maximum 24.5 Percent Tax Bracket for Large  Conversions
Sponsored by Jagen™ Investments, LLC
Do you think clients have to pay income tax on large ($500K++) Roth IRA conversions at the top marginal tax rates? Think again.

Factoring As An Alternative Investment Option for Retirement Accounts
Sponsored by Equity Trust
Advisors are discovering factoring is more than an alternative financing tool for business clients. It can be an attractive alternative investment option for clients when rebalancing and diversifying their portfolios. 

New for 2010: The Keir Personal Financial Specialist Credential Exam Review Course
Obtain your PFS credential! Prepare for the November 2010 PFS Exam with a 32.5 hour CPE self-study course covering estate, retirement, tax, investment, and insurance planning. Discounts are available. Order at CPA2Biz website. For more information, go to aicpa.org/pfp/pfs.

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Estate Planning Essentials: Tax Relief for Your Clients' Estates
Explore the use of wills, trusts and life insurance as vehicles to reduce the estate tax.

Securing the Future: Building a Succession Plan for Your Firm
Firms with the most successful succession strategies begin planning well before partners are ready to retire. Turn to this two-book set from succession expert Bill Reeb for guidance on setting succession goals and processes in place.

Can You Trust Your Trust: What the Practitioner Must Know
Many states have significantly revised the trust laws pertaining to accounting income, and its application to tax reporting positions. Get up to speed on the changes with this book in handy download format.

Professional Ethics: AICPA's Comprehensive Course
AICPA’s classic course is once again available. Earn eight CPE credits.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Visit the AICPA Store.

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Three-part Roth IRA Conversion Webinar Series.
With Rob Keebler, CPA.
Facts, strategies and insights you need to know!
From Equity Trust Company.

  Best Sellers
The Rebirth of Roth
IRAs, Roth IRAs, SIMPLES and SEPs: Contributions, Rollovers, Distributions and More
Closely Held Business Taxation: 49 Practical Ways to Cut Taxes
AICPA's Guide to Business Combinations, Goodwill and Other Consolidation Issues
  Sponsored Links
Live Audio Infocast:
Forensic Technology: Options & Methodologies.
September 14, from 3-5pm ET.
Register here:
Attorney Roy Adams Introduces The Jagen™ Strategy
Discover why the industry is so excited about the Jagen™ Strategy.

Roth Conversion Webinar Series
Effective strategies to minimize income, reduce healthcare surtax exposure and more.

  AICPA Conferences
AICPA Trusted Business Advisor Workshop: Delivering on Your Trusted Business Advisor Status
, Dallas, TX
AICPA National Tax Conference
10/25 – 10/26
, Washington, DC
Sophisticated Tax Planning for Your Wealthy Clients
11/15 – 11/16
, New York, NY
See Full Conferences Calendar
  AICPA Webcasts
8/17 - Family Law: The Divorce Process
9/14 - Forensic Technology:
Operations & Methodology
10/19 - Bankruptcy & Insolvency: The Forensic Accountant's Role
See Full Web Events Calendar

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