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August 16, 2012
Wealth Management Insider
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Why it pays to consider a congruency audit
By Patricia M. Annino, J.D.
Many families lack congruency among their various legal, financial, business, and estate planning documents. Here's how you can help bring all the pieces into alignment.
Do your clients need college-planning life jackets?
By James Guarino, CPA/PFS
How to navigate out of rough waters.
Is now a good time to convert a C corporation to pass-through status?
By Michael F. Lynch, J.D., CPA, David B. Casten, J.D., LL.M., CPA, and David Beausejour, J.D., CPA /The Tax Adviser
Low tax rates and low asset values may make this a good year to convert a C corporation to an S corporation or LLC. Here's how to talk to C corporation clients about the opportunities that exist to avoid substantial future taxes.
Fundamentals of Estate Planning
AICPA Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference
AICPA Sophisticated Tax Planning for Your Wealthy Clients
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Parents missing opportunities to teach kids about money
Children often aren't getting much of an education about money from their parents, a survey commissioned by the AICPA shows. Three in 10 parents never talk to their children about money or have discussed money with their children just one time.
Seven steps in the bid to protect confidential information
CPA firms and other businesses that maintain confidential client data are vulnerable to external and internal threats, including inadvertently leaking data and being targeted by hackers. Seven steps can help businesses assess which data need protecting, upgrade defenses, and draft and practice an incident-response plan.
False internet rumors about "real estate transaction tax" worry taxpayers
The impending 3.8% Medicare surtax has fueled a spate of chain emails regarding a federal "real estate transaction tax" on home sales, and practitioners are hearing from worried clients. This article separates fact from fiction to help practitioners educate clients about how the Medicare surtax works and how it won't apply to most home sales
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New In The Store
  Guide to Developing and Managing a CPA Personal Financial Planning Practice
Firms interested in adding personal financial planning (PFP) services to their practice or expanding their existing services can rely on this comprehensive guide to walk them through the issues to consider—regulatory considerations, developing procedures, marketing your services, managing risk, and more. This guide is full of resources for those considering this exciting opportunity, including a sample business plan, illustrative engagement letters, and client questionnaires.
  Unlocking the Mystery of Healthcare Planning for Retirement
Modern medicine has extended life expectancy, but the added years often come at a high cost-and most of these costs are not covered by Medicare. Advisers must understand what Medicare can and cannot do. This guide gives you the information you need to help your clients make the health care decisions that will directly impact their retirement planning.
  The Adviser's Guide to Social Security: Unlocking the Mystery of Retirement Planning
Many Baby Boom generation clients will be retiring in the next 15–20 years and will look to you to assist them in optimizing their retirement financing. This handbook is a valuable tool to use in providing advice on Social Security benefits planning to your clients.
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CPA News to Know
1 Notice permits charitable contributions to single-member LLCs
1 Guidance examines how to respond to questions about clients' loan applications
1 TIGTA: IRS encourages employees to ignore ITIN fraud
1 Taxpayers who did not establish insolvency must recognize COD income
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