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January 22, 2009 — In This Newsletter:

Make It Through Retirement
by Michael Fitzgerald, CPA, PFS
How you can help your retiring and retired clients focus on replacing 100 percent of their income.


Private Placement Life Insurance
by Lewis Schiff
An alternate solution for your high-net-worth clients.

Help Your Clients Make the Gift of a Lifetime
by Mary Command
Giving retirement assets to charity, tax free.

Social Security for Two
by Francis Thomas/Journal of Accountancy
Like other pension decisions married couples face, Social Security poses considerations of joint life expectancy that are often overlooked in deciding when each spouse should file to begin receiving benefits.

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2008 in Review
by Neal Frankle, CFP
What comes next?

Generating Income in a Low Yield Environment: An Overview of Dividend Paying Stocks
Sponsored by Rochdale Investment Management
With so few investment options looking attractive, which asset class might prove to be successful in this challenging market?

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Inherited IRAs—What the Practitioner Needs to Know
Know the common errors involving retirement distributions where a few missteps can wipe out a substantial portion of inherited IRA assets.

Estate Planning Essentials: Tax Relief for Your Clients' Estates
Explore the use of wills, trusts, and life insurance as vehicles to reduce the estate tax. Advise clients on the most tax efficient way to structure their affairs to minimize the taxation on the transfer of their wealth to intended beneficiaries. Earn 12 CPE credits.

Critical Tax Issues and Money Management Ideas for Your Growing, Middle Income Clients
With totally integrated tax and financial planning strategies, help clients reeling from stock market downturns to plan ahead and build financial security. Earn 12 CPE credits.

Critical Tax Issues for Increasing Wealth
Turn your older, wealthier and self-employed tax clients into profitable financial planning clients — and earn 16 CPE credits.

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CPA's Guide to Long-Term Care Planning
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1/28 - Economic Crisis: Plan for the Worst and the Best Might Happen
2/12 - Ponzi Schemes, Bernard Madoff and Beyond


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