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 March 20, 2008 — In This Newsletter:


Disclosures of Private Health Information
by Martin Shenkman, PFS/JD
Why HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is so important to CPAs and what you need to know about disclosing client medical data today.

Women and Philanthropy
by Community Foundations
Are you asking your female clients the right questions? Discussions about philanthropy may deepen your professional relationship. Find out how.

Millionaires, But Middle Class
by Lewis Schiff and Russ Alan Prince
Who are the hidden affluent today and how they are influencing the market?

CPAs at Risk As Government Continues to Attack Abusive Tax Shelters
by John McGowan/The Tax Adviser
How the new rules and penalties can result in criminal prosecution and civil litigation against practitioners involved in abusive tax avoidance schemes.

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Should Your Clients Rebalance Their Portfolios in Today’s Markets?
by Neal Frankle, CFP
Pros and cons revealed.

Investing for Income: A Marathon, Not a Sprint
Sponsored by Thornburg Investment Management
Why yield alone won't get you to the finish line.

Multigenerational Trust Planning With Qualified Retirement Plans
by Joseph Welch, JD
The incredible growth power of the multigenerational (“Stretch QRP”), the non-spousal beneficiary’s ability to choose “rollover” and the mathematics that drive the stretch revealed.

The Relationship Between Time and Money
Sponsored by Noble Royalties Inc.
Though often prudent and far-sighted, even deferred gratification calls for situational analysis. In fact, treating it as a one-size-fits-all financial strategy actually contradicts good financial sense.

Smart Giving
Sponsored by Fidelity Charitable Services®
Maximizing your charitable dollars through donations of appreciated stocks and mutual funds.

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Sid Kess’ Practical Alternatives to Commonly Misused and Abused Small Business Tax Strategies: Insuring Your Client’s Future
Find the best strategies for reducing taxes and building, conserving and passing wealth to the next generation while at the same time avoiding abusive strategies. Earn up to 4 CPE credits.

The CPA’s Guide to Retirement Plans for Small Businesses,
2nd Edition

This new edition of Gary Lesser’s popular guide provides latest approaches and techniques. Add on Plan Illustration Software for quick results.

Tax, Healthcare and Asset Protection for Aging Clients
Find strategies for transferring assets in order to protect them, and guidance on income, gift, estate and trust tax issues. Earn up to 9
CPE credits.

Best High-Powered Tax Planning Strategies for Increasing Wealth
With fully coordinated planning techniques, you can increase your client's cash flow and protect his or her assets while reducing income and estate taxes. Earn up to 16 CPE credits.

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Financial and Tax Planning for High-Income Clients

Express Wealth Planner™

Retirement Distribution
Practice Aids

The Adviser’s Guide to the Revised Trust Accounting Rules
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Maximizing Value of Your Energy Assets
The role that royalties can play in your portfolio.

Safe From Excise Taxes?
GuideStar Charity Check — 100% Pension Protection Act compliant.

Get Ahead of the Next Big Thing in Financial Planning
We can help you. Fidelity Charitable Services®.

Meet the Income Needs of Your Clients
With Thornburg Investment Income Builder Fund.

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