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 February 23, 2009 — In This Newsletter:

What Are CPAs Doing Online?
by Rick Telberg/At Large
They’re making contacts and making money. Find out what CPAs like you are doing on the Internet. Join the survey; get the answers.

Turning Standard Business Valuations Into a Fidelity Investigation
by Steven Hazel, CPA, ABV
Here’s how.

Protecting Liquidity
by Janice DiPietro, MBA/PhD
Smart strategies for tough times.

SEC’s Leap Toward IFRS
by Remi Forgeas, CPA
Has the momentum gone?

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Weekly Spotlight

Privacy Management
by James Bourke, CPA.CITP
Privacy Management — number two on the 2009 AICPA’s Top Technology Initiatives list
is one of the most-talked about issues when it comes to the transmission of client data.

Putting an End to the ‘Back and Forth’
Sponsored by Intuit
New Intuit Online Document Exchange helps accountants spend less time collecting and sending client documents.

All Integrated POS Software Is Not the Same
Sponsored by Cougar Mountain Software
There is much to consider when searching for a fully integrated POS system — inventory management and back-office accounting. Here’s what you should take into account.

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New and Noteworthy

Economic Crisis: Obsessing About Your Liquidity
Experts divulge how to have a 13-week cash-flow analysis and continually update it; plan for non-cash write-offs or write-downs that can impact covenants; and more. February 24

AICPA Launches Economic Crisis Resource Center Web site
Site provides CPAs with tools for minimizing the effects of a recession on their firm or company, articles on strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting and more.

AICPA Conference on Tax Strategies for the High-Income Individual
Sid Kess chairs. Ideal for attorneys, financial planners, insurance agents, investment advisors, philanthropy specialists. May 7-8

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Communicating Internal Control Related Matters in an Audit — Understanding SAS No. 115 — Audit Risk Alert
Identify the differences between SAS No. 112 and 115 and find information about emerging practice issues and updated case studies.

PCAOB Standards and Related Rules 2009
The new edition of this essential reference provides auditors of public companies with a current and comprehensive source of PCAOB standards, including AS 6, Evaluating Consistency of Financial Statements.

Inherited IRAs — What the Practitioner Needs to Know
Know the common errors involving retirement distributions where a few missteps can wipe out a substantial portion of inherited IRA assets.

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This Week's Best Sellers

Guidance on Monitoring Internal Control Systems (2009)

Are You Ready for IFRS?
Moving Beyond the Basics

Essentials of Valuing a Closely
Held Business

Current Economic Crisis:
Accounting and Auditing Considerations 2009
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New: Intuit Online
Document Exchange

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Cougar Mountain Software
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