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 September 28, 2009 — In This Newsletter:

CPAs Gamble on Vegas Accounting Fraud
by Steven Hazel, CPA, ABV
How a standard litigation assignment, used in tandem with forensic accounting, uncovered fraudulent practices in a construction engagement.

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Implications of Capitalizing Development Costs
by Steven Brice
Why U.S. companies may need to consider the systems that are in place with a view to upgrading the level of data captured many years before the transition to IFRS.

Is Busy a Good Thing?
by Jennifer Wilson
Busy as a bee. Busy is as busy does. Busy season. Busy, busy, busy. Let’s get busy! Busy sounds like a good thing — or does it?

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Weekly Spotlight
TechByteCloud Computing — What’s All the Hype?
by James Bourke, CPA.CITP
Two primary reasons why CPAs should consider it seriously.

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How Payroll Can Be a Profitable (and Painless) Part of Your Practice
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New and Noteworthy

Declare Your Strong Technical Skills in Tax and Estate Planning  
Register soon for the 2009 PFS credential review courses and exam and show clients how your existing tax and estate planning skills fit into the larger personal financial planning disciplines. 

AICPA Tells U.S. House Small Business Committee Not to Stifle Entrepreneurs, CPAs Already Highly Regulated (PDF)

Carol Scott Named AICPA Vice President of Business, Industry and Government (PDF)

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The Guide to Investigating Business Fraud
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Estate and Related Planning During Economic Turmoil

Internal Control Essentials for Financial Managers, Accountants and Auditors

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IT Considerations in Risk-Based Financial Statement Audits
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IFRS in North America 2009:
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Valuation Conference

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9/29 - Ensuring Data Quality and Auditability in Business Reporting

9/30 - Retirement Planning 101:
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9/30 - From Legal Structures to Strategic Plans: Develop Your
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