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October 21, 2013
CPA Insider
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Microsoft Office 365  Every dollar counts. Reduce capital expenditures and lower monthly IT costs. Get Office 365 for your accounting business.
Worried about retirement and succession issues?
By Joel Sinkin and Terrence Putney, CPA
Deal structure provides a path for CPAs who fear a loss of income.
Use caution before becoming a trustee
By Patricia M. Annino, J.D.
The responsibility of that job can blur the parameters of a CPA's role.
Profitable payroll? It's not an oxymoron anymore.
Sponsored by AccountantsWorld
More accounting firms than ever are enjoying a lucrative payroll business. If your firm isn't one of them, or if your payroll service is simply not as profitable as you would like, we'll show you six simple ways to transform payroll into a more profitable, more automated service.
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Microsoft Office 365  Every dollar counts. Reduce capital expenditures and lower monthly IT costs. Get Office 365 for your accounting business.
Special Tech Section
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Microsoft Office 365
Where's the Cloud Now?
By Randy Johnston/Microsoft Corp.
Cloud definitions, strategies, and marketing messages continue to shift. What is most important is the business problem you are trying to solve and the solutions available. This article will serve as a summary of your choices.
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Did you see this new meal deduction regulation?
The IRS has clarified which party is subject to the 50% limit on expenses.
A helpful tech tip for CPAs
This solution will help accountants better manage their anti-virus licenses.
How to put government's finances back on track
Here's what CPAs can do to help enable responsible government financing.
Five ways to become more data-centric
The ability to parse data is a tremendous opportunity for finance professionals.
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New In The Store
  Identity Theft: Preventing, Detecting, and Investigating Identity Theft
As the instances of identity theft continue to increase on a yearly basis, people are interested in how to detect identity theft, how to protect themselves from being a victim of identity theft and how to investigate instances of identity theft.
  Applying the Risk Assessment Standards: Case Study Approach for Smaller, Less Complex Entities
Learn from examples and case studies demonstrating how the risk assessment standards may be practically implemented and documented. Gain clarity on issues frequently seen as complex, using cases to provide practical application solutions.
  Assessing and Responding to Audit Risk: International Auditing Standards
Provides recent auditing information covering every aspect of your engagement, from planning to reporting. Includes relevant guidance contained in international standards on auditing (ISAs) through September 2013, as well as illustrative examples.
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AccountantsWorld  Profitable Payroll, it's not any oxymoron anymore! Learn the 6 keys.
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In your business, every dollar counts.
Office 365 can help you save on IT costs and allow you to scale for seasonal business cycles.
Six keys for profitable payroll processing
Profitable payroll is NOT an oxymoron anymore, and we're giving you the keys to unlock a lucrative profit center.
Need big business tools on a small business budget?
Visit our live chat to find out more about reducing your IT costs with Office 365.
Microsoft Office 365  Get Office 365 for your accounting business
CPA News to Know
1 Government shutdown, debt ceiling deal includes one tax provision
1 How to leverage opportunities amid unprecedented risk
1 Finance's vital role in managing organizational risk
1 Are you 'preparing' financial statements?
1 AICPA committee calls for different dividing line on leases
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Avoiding cultural blunders in China
Henry Tam, CEO and co-founder of the American Learning Network, talks about the cultural and legal pitfalls that may await Western executives attracted to doing business in China.

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